MySQL  8.0.22
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X509_gen Class Reference

Public Member Functions

X509 * operator() (EVP_PKEY *pkey, const Sql_string_t cn, uint32_t serial, uint32_t notbefore, uint32_t notafter, bool self_sign=true, X509 *ca_x509=nullptr, EVP_PKEY *ca_pkey=nullptr)

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

X509* X509_gen::operator() ( EVP_PKEY *  pkey,
const Sql_string_t  cn,
uint32_t  serial,
uint32_t  notbefore,
uint32_t  notafter,
bool  self_sign = true,
X509 *  ca_x509 = nullptr,
EVP_PKEY *  ca_pkey = nullptr 

Set certificate version

Set serial number

Set certificate validity

Set public key

Set CN value in subject

Set Issuer

Add X509v3 extensions

Add CA:TRUE / CA:FALSE inforamation

Sign using SHA256

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