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View_change_packet Class Reference

A packet to send view change related info to the applier. More...

#include <pipeline_interfaces.h>

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Public Member Functions

 View_change_packet (std::string &view_id_arg, bool need_vcle)
 Create a new data packet with associated data. More...
 View_change_packet (View_change_packet *packet)
 ~View_change_packet () override=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from Packet
 Packet (int type)
 Create a new generic packet of a certain type. More...
virtual ~Packet ()=default
int get_packet_type ()

Public Attributes

const std::string view_id
std::vector< std::string > group_executed_set
std::vector< Gcs_member_identifierm_valid_sender_list
std::vector< Gcs_member_identifierm_members_joining_in_view
const bool m_need_vcle

Detailed Description

A packet to send view change related info to the applier.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ View_change_packet() [1/2]

View_change_packet::View_change_packet ( std::string &  view_id_arg,
bool  need_vcle 

Create a new data packet with associated data.

view_id_argThe view id associated to this view
need_vcleThe flag determine if View_change_log_event is needed.

◆ View_change_packet() [2/2]

View_change_packet::View_change_packet ( View_change_packet packet)

◆ ~View_change_packet()

View_change_packet::~View_change_packet ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ group_executed_set

std::vector<std::string> View_change_packet::group_executed_set

◆ m_members_joining_in_view

std::vector<Gcs_member_identifier> View_change_packet::m_members_joining_in_view

◆ m_need_vcle

const bool View_change_packet::m_need_vcle

◆ m_valid_sender_list

std::vector<Gcs_member_identifier> View_change_packet::m_valid_sender_list

◆ view_id

const std::string View_change_packet::view_id

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