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Slave_jobs_queue Class Reference

#include <rpl_rli_pdb.h>

Inheritance diagram for Slave_jobs_queue:

Public Member Functions

 Slave_jobs_queue ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from circular_buffer_queue< Slave_job_item >
 circular_buffer_queue (size_t max)
 circular_buffer_queue ()
 ~circular_buffer_queue ()=default
bool de_queue (Slave_job_item *item)
 Content of the being dequeued item is copied to the arg-pointer location. More...
bool de_tail (Slave_job_item *item)
 Similar to de_queue but extracting happens from the tail side. More...
size_t en_queue (Slave_job_item *item)
 return the index where the arg item locates or an error encoded as a value circular_buffer_queue::error_result. More...
Slave_job_itemhead_queue ()
 return the value of data member of the head of the queue. More...
bool in (size_t i)
size_t get_length () const
bool empty () const
bool full () const

Public Attributes

bool overfill
ulonglong waited_overfill
- Public Attributes inherited from circular_buffer_queue< Slave_job_item >
Prealloced_array< Slave_job_item, 1 > m_Q
size_t capacity
 The capacity and maximum length of the queue in terms of element. More...
size_t avail
 Its value modulo capacity is index of the element where the next element will be enqueued. More...
size_t entry
 The head index of the queue. More...
std::atomic< size_t > len
 Actual length. More...
bool inited_queue

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from circular_buffer_queue< Slave_job_item >
static constexpr size_t error_result

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Slave_jobs_queue()

Slave_jobs_queue::Slave_jobs_queue ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ overfill

bool Slave_jobs_queue::overfill

◆ waited_overfill

ulonglong Slave_jobs_queue::waited_overfill

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