MySQL 8.3.0
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Rewriter_server_option Class Reference

Base class for SERVER OPTIONS related statement. More...

#include <sql_rewrite.h>

Inheritance diagram for Rewriter_server_option:

Public Member Functions

 Rewriter_server_option (THD *thd, Consumer_type type)
- Public Member Functions inherited from I_rewriter
 I_rewriter (THD *thd, Consumer_type type)
virtual ~I_rewriter ()
 I_rewriter (const I_rewriter &)=delete
const I_rewriteroperator= (const I_rewriter &)=delete
 I_rewriter (const I_rewriter &&)=delete
const I_rewriteroperator= (const I_rewriter &&)=delete
void set_consumer_type (Consumer_type type)
 Reset the previous consumer type. More...
Consumer_type consumer_type ()
 Return the current consumer type set in the object. More...
virtual bool rewrite (String &rlb) const =0

Protected Member Functions

void mysql_rewrite_server_options (const LEX *lex, String *str) const
 Append the SERVER OPTIONS clause. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from I_rewriter
THD *const m_thd
Consumer_type m_consumer_type

Detailed Description

Base class for SERVER OPTIONS related statement.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Rewriter_server_option()

Rewriter_server_option::Rewriter_server_option ( THD thd,
Consumer_type  type 

Member Function Documentation

◆ mysql_rewrite_server_options()

void Rewriter_server_option::mysql_rewrite_server_options ( const LEX lex,
String str 
) const

Append the SERVER OPTIONS clause.

[in]lexLex structure
[in,out]strA String object to append the rewritten query in.

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