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RestApiV1MockServerConnections Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for RestApiV1MockServerConnections:

Public Member Functions

void handle_request (HttpRequest &req) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseRequestHandler
void call (HttpRequest &req, void *me)
 BaseRequestHandler ()=default
 BaseRequestHandler (const BaseRequestHandler &)=delete
BaseRequestHandleroperator= (const BaseRequestHandler &)=delete
virtual ~BaseRequestHandler ()

Private Member Functions

void handle_connections_delete_all (HttpRequest &req)
 close all connections. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ handle_connections_delete_all()

void RestApiV1MockServerConnections::handle_connections_delete_all ( HttpRequest req)

close all connections.

◆ handle_request()

void RestApiV1MockServerConnections::handle_request ( HttpRequest req)

Implements BaseRequestHandler.

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