MySQL 9.0.0
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PooledConnectionBase Class Reference

pooled connection. More...

#include <connection_pool.h>

Inheritance diagram for PooledConnectionBase:

Public Member Functions

void remover (std::function< void()> remover)
 set a remove-callback. More...
void remove_me ()
 calls remove-callback. More...
void reset ()

Private Attributes

std::function< void()> remover_

Detailed Description

pooled connection.

Member Function Documentation

◆ remove_me()

void PooledConnectionBase::remove_me ( )

calls remove-callback.

◆ remover()

void PooledConnectionBase::remover ( std::function< void()>  remover)

set a remove-callback.

used when the pooled connection wants to remove itself from the connection-pool.

◆ reset()

void PooledConnectionBase::reset ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ remover_

std::function<void()> PooledConnectionBase::remover_

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