MySQL 8.4.0
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PT_handler_index_range_scan Class Referencefinal

#include <parse_tree_handler.h>

Inheritance diagram for PT_handler_index_range_scan:

Public Member Functions

 PT_handler_index_range_scan (const LEX_CSTRING &table, const LEX_CSTRING &index, ha_rkey_function key_function, PT_item_list *keypart_values, Item *opt_where_clause, PT_limit_clause *opt_limit_clause)
Sql_cmdmake_cmd (THD *thd) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from PT_handler_read_base
 ~PT_handler_read_base () override=0
 PT_handler_read_base (const LEX_CSTRING &table, Item *opt_where_clause, PT_limit_clause *opt_limit_clause)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Parse_tree_root
virtual std::string get_printable_parse_tree (THD *thd)

Private Types

typedef PT_handler_read_base super

Private Attributes

const char *const m_index
const ha_rkey_function m_key_function
PT_item_list *const m_keypart_values

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Parse_tree_root
POS m_pos
 Textual location of a token just parsed. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PT_handler_read_base
bool do_contextualize (Parse_context *pc)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Parse_tree_root
 Parse_tree_root ()=default
 Parse_tree_root (const POS &pos)
virtual ~Parse_tree_root ()=default

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ super

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PT_handler_index_range_scan()

PT_handler_index_range_scan::PT_handler_index_range_scan ( const LEX_CSTRING table,
const LEX_CSTRING index,
ha_rkey_function  key_function,
PT_item_list keypart_values,
Item opt_where_clause,
PT_limit_clause opt_limit_clause 

Member Function Documentation

◆ make_cmd()

Sql_cmd * PT_handler_index_range_scan::make_cmd ( THD thd)

Implements Parse_tree_root.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_index

const char* const PT_handler_index_range_scan::m_index

◆ m_key_function

const ha_rkey_function PT_handler_index_range_scan::m_key_function

◆ m_keypart_values

PT_item_list* const PT_handler_index_range_scan::m_keypart_values

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