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#include <table_helper.h>

Inheritance diagram for PFS_key_object_type:

Public Member Functions

 PFS_key_object_type (const char *name)
 ~PFS_key_object_type () override=default
void read (PFS_key_reader &reader, enum ha_rkey_function find_flag) override
bool match (enum_object_type object_type)
bool match (const PFS_object_row *pfs)
bool match (const PFS_column_row *pfs)
bool match (const PFS_program *pfs)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PFS_engine_key
 PFS_engine_key (const char *name)
virtual ~PFS_engine_key ()=default

Private Member Functions

bool do_match (bool record_null, enum_object_type record_value)

Private Attributes

enum_object_type m_object_type

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from PFS_engine_key
const char * m_name
- Protected Attributes inherited from PFS_engine_key
enum ha_rkey_function m_find_flag
bool m_is_null

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PFS_key_object_type()

PFS_key_object_type::PFS_key_object_type ( const char *  name)

◆ ~PFS_key_object_type()

PFS_key_object_type::~PFS_key_object_type ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ do_match()

bool PFS_key_object_type::do_match ( bool  record_null,
enum_object_type  record_value 

◆ match() [1/4]

bool PFS_key_object_type::match ( const PFS_column_row pfs)

◆ match() [2/4]

bool PFS_key_object_type::match ( const PFS_object_row pfs)

◆ match() [3/4]

bool PFS_key_object_type::match ( const PFS_program pfs)

◆ match() [4/4]

bool PFS_key_object_type::match ( enum_object_type  object_type)

◆ read()

void PFS_key_object_type::read ( PFS_key_reader reader,
enum ha_rkey_function  find_flag 

Implements PFS_engine_key.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_object_type

enum_object_type PFS_key_object_type::m_object_type

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