MySQL 8.3.0
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LO_node_finder Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static LO_nodefind_state_node (const char *qname, const char *state)
static LO_nodefind_operation_node (const char *qname, bool recursive, const char *state, const char *operation)

Static Private Member Functions

static LO_classfind_class (const char *qname)

Member Function Documentation

◆ find_class()

LO_class * LO_node_finder::find_class ( const char *  qname)

◆ find_operation_node()

LO_node * LO_node_finder::find_operation_node ( const char *  qname,
bool  recursive,
const char *  state,
const char *  operation 

◆ find_state_node()

LO_node * LO_node_finder::find_state_node ( const char *  qname,
const char *  state 

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