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Foreign_key_spec Class Reference

#include <key_spec.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Foreign_key_spec (MEM_ROOT *mem_root, const LEX_CSTRING &name_arg, List< Key_part_spec > cols, const LEX_CSTRING &ref_db_arg, const LEX_CSTRING &orig_ref_db_arg, const LEX_CSTRING &ref_table_arg, const LEX_CSTRING &orig_ref_table_arg, List< Key_part_spec > *ref_cols, fk_option delete_opt_arg, fk_option update_opt_arg, fk_match_opt match_opt_arg)
bool validate (THD *thd, const char *table_name, List< Create_field > &table_fields) const
 Check if the foreign key name has valid length and its options are compatible with columns on which the FK is created. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Key_spec
 Key_spec (MEM_ROOT *mem_root, keytype type_par, const LEX_CSTRING &name_arg, const KEY_CREATE_INFO *key_info_arg, bool generated_arg, bool check_for_duplicate_indexes_arg, List< Key_part_spec > &cols)
virtual ~Key_spec ()

Public Attributes

const LEX_CSTRING ref_db
const LEX_CSTRING orig_ref_db
const LEX_CSTRING ref_table
const LEX_CSTRING orig_ref_table
Mem_root_array< Key_part_spec * > ref_columns
const fk_option delete_opt
const fk_option update_opt
const fk_match_opt match_opt
- Public Attributes inherited from Key_spec
const keytype type
const KEY_CREATE_INFO key_create_info
Mem_root_array< Key_part_spec * > columns
const bool generated
const bool check_for_duplicate_indexes
 A flag to determine if we will check for duplicate indexes. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Foreign_key_spec()

Foreign_key_spec::Foreign_key_spec ( MEM_ROOT mem_root,
const LEX_CSTRING name_arg,
List< Key_part_spec cols,
const LEX_CSTRING ref_db_arg,
const LEX_CSTRING orig_ref_db_arg,
const LEX_CSTRING ref_table_arg,
const LEX_CSTRING orig_ref_table_arg,
List< Key_part_spec > *  ref_cols,
fk_option  delete_opt_arg,
fk_option  update_opt_arg,
fk_match_opt  match_opt_arg 

Member Function Documentation

◆ validate()

bool Foreign_key_spec::validate ( THD thd,
const char *  table_name,
List< Create_field > &  table_fields 
) const

Check if the foreign key name has valid length and its options are compatible with columns on which the FK is created.

thdThread handle
table_nameTable name (for error reporting)
table_fieldsList of columns
Return values
falseKey valid
trueKey invalid

Member Data Documentation

◆ delete_opt

const fk_option Foreign_key_spec::delete_opt

◆ match_opt

const fk_match_opt Foreign_key_spec::match_opt

◆ orig_ref_db

const LEX_CSTRING Foreign_key_spec::orig_ref_db

◆ orig_ref_table

const LEX_CSTRING Foreign_key_spec::orig_ref_table

◆ ref_columns

Mem_root_array<Key_part_spec *> Foreign_key_spec::ref_columns

◆ ref_db

const LEX_CSTRING Foreign_key_spec::ref_db

◆ ref_table

const LEX_CSTRING Foreign_key_spec::ref_table

◆ update_opt

const fk_option Foreign_key_spec::update_opt

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