MySQL 8.3.0
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Event_queue_element Class Reference

#include <event_data_objects.h>

Inheritance diagram for Event_queue_element:

Public Member Functions

 Event_queue_element ()
 ~Event_queue_element () override
bool fill_event_info (THD *thd, const dd::Event &event, const char *dbname) override
bool compute_next_execution_time (THD *thd)
void mark_last_executed (THD *thd)
 Set last execution time. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Event_basic
 Event_basic ()
virtual ~Event_basic ()

Public Attributes

int m_on_completion
int m_status
longlong m_originator
my_time_t m_last_executed
my_time_t m_execute_at
my_time_t m_starts
my_time_t m_ends
bool m_starts_null
bool m_ends_null
bool m_execute_at_null
longlong m_expression
interval_type m_interval
bool m_dropped
uint m_execution_count
- Public Attributes inherited from Event_basic
LEX_CSTRING m_schema_name
LEX_CSTRING m_event_name
LEX_CSTRING m_definer

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Event_basic
MEM_ROOT mem_root {key_memory_event_basic_root, 256}

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_dropped

bool Event_queue_element::m_dropped

◆ m_ends

my_time_t Event_queue_element::m_ends

◆ m_ends_null

bool Event_queue_element::m_ends_null

◆ m_execute_at

my_time_t Event_queue_element::m_execute_at

◆ m_execute_at_null

bool Event_queue_element::m_execute_at_null

◆ m_execution_count

uint Event_queue_element::m_execution_count

◆ m_expression

longlong Event_queue_element::m_expression

◆ m_interval

interval_type Event_queue_element::m_interval

◆ m_last_executed

my_time_t Event_queue_element::m_last_executed

◆ m_on_completion

int Event_queue_element::m_on_completion

◆ m_originator

longlong Event_queue_element::m_originator

◆ m_starts

my_time_t Event_queue_element::m_starts

◆ m_starts_null

bool Event_queue_element::m_starts_null

◆ m_status

int Event_queue_element::m_status

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