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Channel_info_shared_mem Class Reference

This class abstracts the info. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Channel_info_shared_mem (HANDLE handle_client_file_map, char *handle_client_map, HANDLE event_server_wrote, HANDLE event_server_read, HANDLE event_client_wrote, HANDLE event_client_read, HANDLE event_conn_closed)
 Constructor to instantiate Channel_info_shared_mem object. More...
THDcreate_thd () override
 Instantiate and initialize THD object and vio. More...
void send_error_and_close_channel (uint errorcode, int error, bool senderror) override
 Send error back to the client and close the channel. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Channel_info
virtual ~Channel_info ()=default
ulonglong get_prior_thr_create_utime () const
void set_prior_thr_create_utime ()
virtual bool is_admin_connection () const

Protected Member Functions

Viocreate_and_init_vio () const override
 Create and initialize a Vio object. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Channel_info
 Channel_info ()

Private Attributes

HANDLE m_handle_client_file_map
char * m_handle_client_map
HANDLE m_event_server_wrote
HANDLE m_event_server_read
HANDLE m_event_client_wrote
HANDLE m_event_client_read
HANDLE m_event_conn_closed

Detailed Description

This class abstracts the info.

about the windows shared memory mode of communication with the server.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Channel_info_shared_mem()

Channel_info_shared_mem::Channel_info_shared_mem ( HANDLE  handle_client_file_map,
char *  handle_client_map,
HANDLE  event_server_wrote,
HANDLE  event_server_read,
HANDLE  event_client_wrote,
HANDLE  event_client_read,
HANDLE  event_conn_closed 

Constructor to instantiate Channel_info_shared_mem object.

handle_client_file_maphandle to client file map.
handle_client_maphandle to client map.
event_server_wrotehandle object for server write event.
event_server_readhandle object for server read event.
event_client_wrotehandle object for client write event.
event_client_readhandle object for client read event.
event_conn_closedhandle object for connection close event.

Member Function Documentation

◆ create_and_init_vio()

Vio * Channel_info_shared_mem::create_and_init_vio ( ) const

Create and initialize a Vio object.

a pointer to the initialized a vio object.

Implements Channel_info.

◆ create_thd()

THD * Channel_info_shared_mem::create_thd ( )

Instantiate and initialize THD object and vio.

pointer to initialized THD object.
Return values
NULLTHD object allocation fails.

Reimplemented from Channel_info.

◆ send_error_and_close_channel()

void Channel_info_shared_mem::send_error_and_close_channel ( uint  errorcode,
int  error,
bool  senderror 

Send error back to the client and close the channel.

errorcodecode indicating type of error.
erroroperating system specific error code.
senderrortrue if the error need to be sent to client else false.

Reimplemented from Channel_info.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_event_client_read

HANDLE Channel_info_shared_mem::m_event_client_read

◆ m_event_client_wrote

HANDLE Channel_info_shared_mem::m_event_client_wrote

◆ m_event_conn_closed

HANDLE Channel_info_shared_mem::m_event_conn_closed

◆ m_event_server_read

HANDLE Channel_info_shared_mem::m_event_server_read

◆ m_event_server_wrote

HANDLE Channel_info_shared_mem::m_event_server_wrote

◆ m_handle_client_file_map

HANDLE Channel_info_shared_mem::m_handle_client_file_map

◆ m_handle_client_map

char* Channel_info_shared_mem::m_handle_client_map

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