MySQL  8.0.23
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COPY_INFO::Statistics Class Reference

#include <sql_data_change.h>

Public Member Functions

 Statistics ()

Public Attributes

ha_rows records
 Number of processed records. More...
ha_rows deleted
 Number of deleted records. More...
ha_rows updated
 Number of updated records. More...
ha_rows copied
 Number of copied records. More...
ha_rows error_count
ha_rows touched

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Statistics()

COPY_INFO::Statistics::Statistics ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ copied

ha_rows COPY_INFO::Statistics::copied

Number of copied records.

◆ deleted

ha_rows COPY_INFO::Statistics::deleted

Number of deleted records.

◆ error_count

ha_rows COPY_INFO::Statistics::error_count

◆ records

ha_rows COPY_INFO::Statistics::records

Number of processed records.

◆ touched

ha_rows COPY_INFO::Statistics::touched

◆ updated

ha_rows COPY_INFO::Statistics::updated

Number of updated records.

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