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Auth_id Class Reference

Storage container for default auth ids. More...

#include <auth_common.h>

Public Member Functions

 Auth_id ()
 Auth_id (const char *user, size_t user_len, const char *host, size_t host_len)
 Auth_id (const Auth_id_ref &id)
 Auth_id (const LEX_CSTRING &user, const LEX_CSTRING &host)
 Auth_id (const std::string &user, const std::string &host)
 Auth_id (const LEX_USER *lex_user)
 Auth_id (const ACL_USER *acl_user)
 ~Auth_id ()
 Auth_id (const Auth_id &id)
Auth_idoperator= (const Auth_id &)=default
bool operator< (const Auth_id &id) const
void auth_str (std::string *out) const
 Output Auth_id in user<at>host format. More...
std::string auth_str () const
const std::string & user () const
const std::string & host () const

Private Member Functions

void create_key ()

Private Attributes

std::string m_user
 User part. More...
std::string m_host
 Host part. More...
std::string m_key
 Key: Internal representation mainly to facilitate use of Auth_id class in standard container. More...

Detailed Description

Storage container for default auth ids.

Default roles are only weakly depending on ACL_USERs. You can retain a default role even if the corresponding ACL_USER is missing in the acl_cache.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Auth_id() [1/8]

Auth_id::Auth_id ( )

◆ Auth_id() [2/8]

Auth_id::Auth_id ( const char *  user,
size_t  user_len,
const char *  host,
size_t  host_len 

◆ Auth_id() [3/8]

Auth_id::Auth_id ( const Auth_id_ref id)

◆ Auth_id() [4/8]

Auth_id::Auth_id ( const LEX_CSTRING user,
const LEX_CSTRING host 

◆ Auth_id() [5/8]

Auth_id::Auth_id ( const std::string &  user,
const std::string &  host 

◆ Auth_id() [6/8]

Auth_id::Auth_id ( const LEX_USER lex_user)

◆ Auth_id() [7/8]

Auth_id::Auth_id ( const ACL_USER acl_user)

◆ ~Auth_id()

Auth_id::~Auth_id ( )

◆ Auth_id() [8/8]

Auth_id::Auth_id ( const Auth_id id)

Member Function Documentation

◆ auth_str() [1/2]

std::string Auth_id::auth_str ( ) const

◆ auth_str() [2/2]

void Auth_id::auth_str ( std::string *  out) const

Output Auth_id in user<at>host format.

[in]outBuffer to store user<at>host

◆ create_key()

void Auth_id::create_key ( )

◆ host()

const std::string & Auth_id::host ( ) const

◆ operator<()

bool Auth_id::operator< ( const Auth_id id) const

◆ operator=()

Auth_id & Auth_id::operator= ( const Auth_id )

◆ user()

const std::string & Auth_id::user ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_host

std::string Auth_id::m_host

Host part.

◆ m_key

std::string Auth_id::m_key

Key: Internal representation mainly to facilitate use of Auth_id class in standard container.

Format: 'user\0host\0'

◆ m_user

std::string Auth_id::m_user

User part.

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