MySQL 9.0.0
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#include "sql/binlog_reader.h"
#include "my_byteorder.h"
#include "sql/log_event.h"


static void debug_corrupt_event (unsigned char *buffer, unsigned int event_len)
Binlog_read_error::Error_type binlog_event_deserialize (const unsigned char *buffer, unsigned int event_len, const Format_description_event *fde, bool verify_checksum, Log_event **event)
 Deserialize a binlog event from event_data. More...

Function Documentation

◆ binlog_event_deserialize()

Binlog_read_error::Error_type binlog_event_deserialize ( const unsigned char *  event_data,
unsigned int  event_data_len,
const mysql::binlog::event::Format_description_event fde,
bool  verify_checksum,
Log_event **  event 

Deserialize a binlog event from event_data.

event_data is serialized event object. It is a chunk of data in buffer.

[in]event_dataThe event data used for deserialization.
[in]event_data_lenLength of event_data
[in]fdeThe format_description_event of the event
[in]verify_checksumVerify event_data's checksum if it is true.
[out]eventthe event object generated.
Return values
Otherthan Binlog_read_error::SUCCESS Error

◆ debug_corrupt_event()

static void debug_corrupt_event ( unsigned char *  buffer,
unsigned int  event_len