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MySQL connector library for C and C++ applications
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Represents a result of an operation that does not return data. More...

Public Member Functions

uint64_t getAutoIncrementValue () const
 Get the auto-increment value if one was generated by a table insert statement.
DocIdList getGeneratedIds () const
 Return a list of identifiers of multiple documents added to a collection, generated by the server.
unsigned getWarningsCount () const
 Get the number of warnings stored in the result.
WarningList getWarnings ()
 Get a list of warnings stored in the result.
Warning getWarning (unsigned pos)
 Get the warning at the given, 0-based position.
uint64_t getAffectedItemsCount () const
 Get the count of affected items (rows or doucuments) from manipulation statements.

Detailed Description

Represents a result of an operation that does not return data.

A generic result which can be returned by operations which only modify data.

A Result instance can store the result of executing an operation:

Result res = operation.execute();

Storing another result in a Result instance overwrites the previous result.

A Result object should be used by at most one thread at a time. It is not safe to call its methods by several threads simultaneously. It is responsibility of the user to ensure this using a synchronization mechanism such as mutexes.

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