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xdevapi.h File Reference

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class  CollectionValidation
 The CollectionValidation class defines collection schema and level of validation. More...
class  CollectionOptions
 The CollectionOptions class defines collection create/modify options. More...
class  Schema
 Represents a database schema. More...
class  Collection
 Represents a collection of documents in a schema. More...
class  Table
 Represents a table in a schema. More...
class  Session
 Represents a session which gives access to data stored in a data store. More...
class  Client
 Create a client using given client settings. More...


enum  Option


 CollectionValidation (DbDoc doc)
 Constructor using a document. More...
template<typename... Rest>
 CollectionValidation (Option opt, Rest &&... rest)
 Construct CollectionValidation from list of Option and value pairs. More...
template<typename... Rest>
void set (Rest &&... options)
 Set list of Option and value pairs. More...
void CollectionValidation::do_set< CollectionValidation::LEVEL > (Level level)
template<class ... P>
Session getSession (P...p)
template<class ... P>
Client getClient (P...p)

Detailed Description

The main header for MySQL Connector/C++ DevAPI.

This header should be included by C++ code which uses the DevAPI implemented by MySQL Connector/C++.

See also
result.h, document.h

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ Option

enum Option

Collection validation options

Function Documentation

◆ CollectionValidation() [1/2]

Constructor using a document.

Document example:

"level": "Strict",
"id": "",
"$schema": "",
"description": "A geographical coordinate",
"type": "object",
"type": "number"
"type": "number"
"required": ["latitude", "longitude"]

Document keys:

  • level: See CollectionValidation::LEVEL;
  • schema: See CollectionValidation::SCHEMA;

◆ CollectionValidation() [2/2]

mysqlx::abi2::CollectionValidation ( Option  opt,
Rest &&...  rest 

Construct CollectionValidation from list of Option and value pairs.

See CollectionValidation::Option for possible options.

◆ set()

void mysqlx::abi2::set ( Rest &&...  options)

Set list of Option and value pairs.

See also

◆ CollectionValidation::do_set< CollectionValidation::LEVEL >()

void mysqlx::CollectionValidation::do_set< CollectionValidation::LEVEL > ( Level  level)

< No validation will be done on the collection.

< All collection documents have to comply to validation schema.