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Chapter 22 Writing a Custom Storage Engine

Table of Contents     [+/-]

22.1 Additional Resources
22.2 Overview
22.3 Creating Storage Engine Source Files
22.4 Adding Engine Specific Variables and Parameters
22.5 Creating the handlerton
22.6 Handling Handler Instantiation
22.7 Defining Filename Extensions
22.8 Creating Tables
22.9 Opening a Table
22.10 Implementing Basic Table Scanning     [+/-]
22.11 Closing a Table
22.12 Adding Support for INSERT to a Storage Engine
22.13 Adding Support for UPDATE to a Storage Engine
22.14 Adding Support for DELETE to a Storage Engine
22.15 Supporting Non-Sequential Reads     [+/-]
22.16 Supporting Indexing     [+/-]
22.17 Supporting Transactions     [+/-]
22.18 API Reference     [+/-]
22.19 FAQ

With MySQL 5.1, MySQL AB has introduced a pluggable storage engine architecture that makes it possible to create new storage engines and add them to a running MySQL server without recompiling the server itself.

This architecture makes it easier to develop new storage engines for MySQL and deploy them.

This chapter is intended as a guide to assist you in developing a storage engine for the new pluggable storage engine architecture.

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