Interview with Marc Van Oost, CEO, AlSego

Marc Van Oost, CEO, AlSego

Q: How is your company using MySQL?

A: AlSego has built a financial business application, MiddleOffice Control™, a Business Intelligence reporting and integration solution running on our Core platform XL-Groupware™. It took 5 months to develop and implement the Risk & Control Management solution for one of the major asset management company in Luxembourg, mainly providing wealth management services. We have decided to develop the business solution only with MySQL. We used it from the start of the project and received excellent technical support while developing our application.

Q: What is your business challenge?

A: Flexibility is a key item; the system handles many different types of data for storing all description data of financial transactions, which could be successfully consolidated using MySQL. Our volume is not huge but the various types of information are significant.

Then with any financial application, security is obviously a major concern, and MySQL provided the safety and robustness demanded by the application and its users.

Last but not least, performance, as the application entails the update of approximately 2 million records on a daily basis. Currently we have an average of 20 concurrent users requesting complex financial statements; this results in about 56,000 queries and 250,000 transactions (Commits/Rollbacks) running each day if we take into account the Core platform Master Repository (security, session, log updates and audit trails).

Q: Why did you choose to use MySQL?

A: Because it’s extremely powerful; we needed a database engine that was very fast in terms of calculation, we have 100 different DCS (Data Collection Scenario that could be compared to execution plans for gathering data) and the users demand very fast response times – they cannot afford to wait for the results. Performance was the main reason for us. Secondly, AlSego is a young company and we knew that we could initially work with MyQL Community Edition in the event our development project was not successful, therefore limiting our commercial exposure. MySQL is one of the best RDBMS available – it’s flexible, multi-platform, and powerful. Plus, it offers automated monitoring via MySQL Enterprise, so if there is a problem, we are aware of it before the client and work pro-actively to resolve the issue. This is quite unique.

Q: Why did you choose to purchase the MySQL Enterprise subscription?

A: The end customer immediately saw the value of the MySQL Enterprise subscription offering. The opportunity to benefit from the MySQL Enterprise replication monitoring as well as the replication automatic advisors is very valuable. Indeed, the company plans in the near future to roll out the same application in its subsidiaries abroad and therefore will intensively use replication for centralizing all the data at headquarters.

The second reason is obtaining formal vendor technical support. The Luxembourgish financial regulatory agency imposes all financial institutions to secure their operational activities by ensuring they are able to count on expert assistance in case of critical issue.

Q: Is your company also using Oracle software?

A: Yes, some of the developers software toolkit for Oracle database, which we integrated into our Core platform XL-Groupware™. Our platform is Windows only today, but Linux is planned for next releases.

Q: Plans for the future?

A: Today, XL groupware is an innovative reporting platform using extensively web technologies, but in the future, we want to extend its functionality to web development and integration. Our strategy is to offer a complete integration business solution, with multi-capabilities including reporting, data and application integration as well as fast web application development. We plan to increasingly leverage MySQL Enterprise moving forward.

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