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The following list names the general validation types and gives examples of specific violations:

  • Empty Content Validation

    • A table with no columns

    • A routine or view with no SQL code defined

    • A routine group containing no routines

    • A table, view, or routine not referenced by at least one role

    • A user with no privileges

    • Objects such as tables that do not appear on at least one EER Diagram

  • Table Efficiency Validation

    • A table with no primary key

    • A primary key that does not use an integer-based data type

    • A foreign key that refers to a column with a different data type

  • Duplicated Identifiers Validation

    • Duplicate object names

    • Duplicate role or user names

    • Duplicate index or routine names

  • Consistency Validation

    • Use of the same column with columns of differing data types

  • Logic Validation

    • A foreign key that refers to a column other than the primary key in the source table

    • Any object that is object is either read only or write only by role definition

    • Placeholder objects left over from reverse engineering