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1.1 New in Version 1.2

This section summarizes many of the new features added to 1.2.x in relation to earlier versions of MySQL for Visual Studio.

For notes detailing the changes in each point release, see the MySQL for Visual Studio Release Notes.

Support for MySQL 8.0 Features

  • Starting with MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.9, SSL PEM connections can be made using the classic MySQL protocol. Both PEM and PFX certificates are permitted with Connector/NET 8.0.16 or higher when the server supports SSL connections. For configuration instructions, see SSL Connections with Server Explorer.

  • MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.8 supports the MySQL 8.0 release series (requires MySQL Connector/NET 6.9.12, 6.10.7, or 8.0.11) including:

New or Changed Tool Support

  • Starting with MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.9, the plugin detects when the version of Connector/NET has been changed after MySQL for Visual Studio was installed and prompts to update the necessary configuration files using the Configuration Update Tool. Visual Studio must be restarted to activate the updated configuration files.

  • The MySQL Website Configuration tool was renamed to MySQL Application Configuration and extended to automate entry updates to the app.config file in the MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.9 release.

Version Support for Visual Studio

  • MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.9:

    • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 was added.

    • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 was removed.

  • MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.7:

    • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 was added.

    • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 was removed.

Item Templates versus Project Templates

Beginning with MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.5, the project templates used to create MySQL Windows Forms and MySQL MVC projects are no longer be available, as they were replaced with MySQL Project Items:

  • MySQL MVC Item replaces MySQL MVC Project.

  • MySQL Windows Forms Item replaces Windows Form Project.

These item templates offer the benefit of adding items to existing projects new windows forms or MVC controllers/views connected to MySQL, based on MySQL Entity Framework models, without the need of create an entirely new MySQL project.

In addition, item templates better follow the Visual Studio template standards, which are oriented to create projects regardless of the database connectivity.

For information about using Item Templates, see Chapter 8, MySQL Project Items.