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MySQL 5.6 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL 5.6.47 (2020-01-13, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL 5.6.47 (2020-01-13, General Availability)

Bugs Fixed

  • Replication: Under certain conditions, replication of conditional comments could fail. (Bug #28388217)

  • Replication: When GTIDs are enabled on a replication master and slave, and the slave connects to the master with the MASTER_AUTO_POSITION=1 option set, the master must send the slave all the transactions that the slave has not already received, committed, or both. If any of the transactions that should be sent by the master have been already purged from the master's binary log, the master sends the error ER_MASTER_HAS_PURGED_REQUIRED_GTIDS (1789) to the slave, and replication does not start.

    The message provided for the error ER_MASTER_HAS_PURGED_REQUIRED_GTIDS has been changed to provide advice on the correct action in this situation, which is for the slave to replicate the missing transactions from another source, or for the slave to be replaced by a new slave created from a more recent backup. The message advises that the master's binary log expiration period can be revised to avoid the situation in future. In addition, the master now identifies the GTIDs of the purged transactions and supplies them in its error log in the warning message ER_FOUND_MISSING_GTIDS (11809), so that you do not need to calculate the missing GTIDs manually. (Bug #26004541, Bug #29769293)

  • With multiple sessions executing concurrent INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE statements into a table with an AUTO_INCREMENT column but not specifying the AUTO_INCREMENT value, inserts could fail with a unique index violation. (Bug #30194841, Bug #96578)

  • A SELECT using a WHERE condition of the form A AND (B OR C [OR ...]) resulting in an impossible range led to an unplanned exit of the server. (Bug #29770705)

  • An incomplete connection packet could cause clients not to properly initialize the authentication plugin name. (Bug #29630767)