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MySQL 5.6 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL 5.6.34 (2016-10-12, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL 5.6.34 (2016-10-12, General Availability)

Packaging Notes

  • RPM and Debian packages now create the /var/lib/mysql-files directory, which is now the default value of the secure_file_priv system variable that specifies a directory for import and export operations. (Bug #24709892, Bug #24761774)

Security Notes

  • Incompatible Change: The secure_file_priv system variable is used to limit the effect of data import and export operations. The following changes have been made to how the server handles this variable:

    • secure_file_priv can be set to NULL to disable all import and export operations.

    • The server checks the value of secure_file_priv at startup and writes a warning to the error log if the value is insecure. A non-NULL value is considered insecure if it is empty, or the value is the data directory or a subdirectory of it, or a directory that is accessible by all users. If secure_file_priv is set to a nonexistent path, the server writes an error message to the error log and exits.

    • Previously, the secure_file_priv system variable was empty by default. Now the default value is platform specific and depends on the value of the INSTALL_LAYOUT CMake option, as shown in the following table.

      INSTALL_LAYOUT Value Default secure_file_priv Value
      DEB, RPM, SLES, SVR4 /var/lib/mysql-files
      Otherwise mysql-files under the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX value
    • To specify the default secure_file_priv value explicitly if you are building from source, use the new INSTALL_SECURE_FILE_PRIVDIR CMake option. To specify a directory for the embedded server, set the new INSTALL_SECURE_FILE_PRIV_EMBEDDEDDIR option. Its default value is NULL.

    (Bug #24679907, Bug #24695274, Bug #24707666, WL #6782)

  • The linked OpenSSL library for the MySQL Commercial Server has been updated to version 1.0.1u. For a description of issues fixed in this version, see

    This change does not affect the Oracle-produced MySQL Community build of MySQL Server, which uses the yaSSL library instead. (Bug #24753389)

  • yaSSL was upgraded to version 2.4.2. This upgrade corrects issues with: Potential AES side channel leaks; DSA padding for unusual sizes; the SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations() OpenSSL compatibility function failing to handle long path directory names. (Bug #24512715, Bug #24740291)