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MySQL 5.6 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL 5.6.18 (2014-04-11, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL 5.6.18 (2014-04-11, General Availability)

A known limitation of this release:


If you have InnoDB tables with full-text search indexes and you are upgrading from MySQL 5.6.10 to a MySQL version up to and including MySQL 5.6.18, the server will fail to start after the upgrade (Bug#72079). This bug is fixed in MySQL 5.6.19. As a workaround, remove full-text search indexes prior to upgrading and rebuild full-text search indexes after the upgrade is completed.

Security Notes

  • The MySQL 5.6 Commercial Server has been updated to use OpenSSL version 1.0.1g, which has been publicly reported as not vulnerable to CVE-2014-0160. Please see Oracle Note #1645479.1 for further details.

    The MySQL 5.6 Community Server is built using the yaSSL cryptographic software library instead of OpenSSL. Oracle-produced MySQL 5.6 Community Server binaries use YaSSL libraries which have been reported as not affected by CVE-2014-0160. Users of MySQL Server binaries produced by parties other than Oracle should seek a vulnerability assessment from their respective binary providers.

    Since the only change in MySQL Server 5.6.18 is the inclusion of OpenSSL libraries publicly reported as unaffected by CVE-2014-0160, and since Oracle-produced MySQL Community builds do not include OpenSSL libraries known to be affected by CVE-2014-0160, Oracle is not producing builds for MySQL Community Server for version 5.6.18. This means that MySQL Community Server is skipping version 5.6.18. (Bug #18533200)

Bugs Fixed

  • Executing a correlated subquery on an ARCHIVE table which has an AUTO_INCREMENT column caused the server to hang. (Bug #18065452)