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MySQL 5.5 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL 5.5.58 (2017-10-16, General availability)

Changes in MySQL 5.5.58 (2017-10-16, General availability)

Packaging Notes

  • mysqlcheck was missing in the MySQL Server Docker image, which prevented mysql_upgrade from running. (Bug #26400146, Bug #86968)

Bugs Fixed

  • Replication: Replication clients no longer enable LOCAL capability for LOAD DATA statements, because they do not use LOAD DATA LOCAL statements. (Bug #24763131)

  • yaSSL could incorrectly perform TLS cipher negotiation. (Bug #26482173)

  • The server failed to check the maximum path length for partition names. (Bug #26390632)

  • Identifiers containing a mixt of backslashes and backticks could be parsed incorrectly. (Bug #26372491)

  • MSI Community packages failed to install. (Bug #26171638)

  • NAME_CONST() can return null if incorrect arguments are given. In some cases, this was not handled and could cause a server exit. (Bug #19143243, Bug #26361149)