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MySQL 5.5 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL 5.5.57 (2017-07-17, General availability)

Changes in MySQL 5.5.57 (2017-07-17, General availability)

Packaging Notes

  • mysqladmin was added to Docker/Minimal packages because it is needed by InnoDB Cluster. (Bug #25998285)

Platform-Specific Notes

  • Linux: The generic Linux build for MySQL 5.5 is now built on Oracle Linux 6 using glibc 2.12. Systems that use the build need to have glibc 2.12 or later installed on them. (Bug #26005558)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • For Windows, MSI installer packages now include a check for the required Visual Studio redistributable package, and produce a message asking the user to install it if it is missing. (Bug #25658832)

  • The mysql client now supports a --binary-as-hex option that causes display of binary data using hexadecimal notation (0xvalue). Thanks to DaniĆ«l van Eeden for the patch. (Bug #25340722, Bug #84391)

  • mysqlaccess now looks for its configuration file only in the SYSCONFDIR directory and /etc. (Bug #25043674)

Bugs Fixed

  • Replication: If a relay log index file named relay log files that did not exist, RESET SLAVE ALL sometimes did not fully clean up properly. (Bug #24901077)

  • mysqldump could write database names in USE statements incorrectly. (Bug #25998635)

  • If the mysql_stmt_close() C API function was called, it freed memory that later could be accessed if mysql_stmt_error(), mysql_stmt_errno(), or mysql_stmt_sqlstate() was called. To obtain error information after a call to mysql_stmt_close(), call mysql_error(), mysql_errno(), or mysql_sqlstate() instead. (Bug #25988681)

  • The Perl path in #! lines at the beginning of Perl scripts has been adjusted to /usr/local/bin/perl for FreeBSD 11. (Bug #25719975)

  • A race condition could occur for CREATE TABLE statements with DATA DIRECTORY or INDEX DIRECTORY clauses. (Bug #25451091)

  • Full-text code now uses the standard isalnum() function rather than the my_isalnum() macro, for improved handling of default character set structure. (Bug #25447551)

  • MySQL compilation in different directories produced different builds to leakage of absolute paths into debug information and __FILE__. (Bug #25436469, Bug #84608, Bug #25859274, Bug #85855)

  • mysqld_failed to start the server if the --datadir option was specified with a relative path name. (Bug #25364806)

  • With read_only enabled, creation of non-TEMPORARY tables by non-SUPER users was permitted under certain conditions. (Bug #25250768)

  • On x86 machines, the uint3korr() macro read 4 bytes of data instead of the intended 3 bytes. (Bug #24807826, Bug #83264)

  • Queries that contained UNION in a subquery and GROUP BY could return incorrect results. (Bug #24595639)

  • LOAD XML performance became noticeably slower when the XML file being read contained a great many spaces, such as those introduced by indenting or pretty-printing. Now all leading whitespace is trimmed from each such value before reading it into memory. (Bug #16212207)