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MySQL 5.5 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL 5.5.47 (2015-12-07, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL 5.5.47 (2015-12-07, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • MySQL Server RPM packages now contain a conflict indicator for MySQL Connector C, such that an error occurs when installing MySQL Server if MySQL Connector C is also installed. To install MySQL Server, remove any MySQL Connector C packages first. (Bug #21900800)

  • These client programs now support the --enable-cleartext-plugin option: mysqlcheck, mysqldump, mysqlimport, mysqlshow. This option enables the mysql_clear_password cleartext authentication plugin. (See Client-Side Cleartext Pluggable Authentication.) (Bug #21235226)

  • mysql_upgrade now attempts to print more informative errors than FATAL ERROR: Upgrade failed. (Bug #77803, Bug #21489398)

Bugs Fixed

  • Performance: Temporary MyISAM tables (unlike normal MyISAM tables) did not use the dynamic row format when they contained VARCHAR columns, resulting in larger temporary files (and more file I/O) than necessary. Dynamic row format now is used, which results in smaller tables that are faster to process. (Bug #13350136, Bug #78840, Bug #22023218)

  • InnoDB: Altering the letter case of a column introduced an inconsistency between the .frm file and data dictionary resulting in a failed CREATE INDEX operation on the altered column. (Bug #20755615)

  • Possibly unsafe uses of strcpy() in the mysql_plugin command were corrected. (Bug #21977070)

  • Possible buffer overflow from incorrect use of strcpy() and sprintf() was corrected. (Bug #21973610)

  • MySQL RPM packages for RHEL5 failed to create the mysql system user. (Bug #21950975)

  • Concurrent FLUSH PRIVILEGES and REVOKE or GRANT statements could produce a small time window during which invalid memory access to proxy user information could occur, leading to a server exit. (Bug #21602056)

  • Starting the server with the query_alloc_block_size system variable set to certain negative values on a machine without enough memory could result in out-of-memory errors. (Bug #21503595)

  • Using UNINSTALL PLUGIN to uninstall the daemon_example plugin could cause a server exit. (Bug #21467458)

  • FLUSH DES_KEY_FILE failed to reload the DES key file. (Bug #21370329)

  • A server exit could occur for the second execution of a prepared statement for which an ORDER BY clause referred to a column position. (Bug #20755389)

  • Repeated execution of a prepared statement could cause a server exit if the default database was changed. (Bug #20447262)

  • Outer references do not work as arguments to MATCH(), but the server did not properly detect them. Now it does and raises an error. (Bug #20007383)

    References: See also: Bug #21140088.

  • Valgrind errors were produced during row comparator setup. (Bug #19929406)

  • INSERT DELAYED could cause a server exit for tables partitioned with a character column as the key and for which the expression required a character set conversion. (Bug #19894161)

  • A server exit could occur when updating a view using an ALL comparison operator on a subquery that selects from an indexed column in the main table. (Bug #19434916)

  • When a fixed-width row was inserted into a MyISAM temporary table, the entire content of the record buffer was written to the table, including any trailing space contained in VARCHAR columns, the issue being that this trailing space could be uninitialized. This problem has been resolved by insuring that only the bytes actually used to store the VARCHAR (and none extra) are copied and inserted in such cases. (Bug #13389854, Bug #79028, Bug #22123583)

  • MySQL development RPM packages could fail to install if MySQL Connector/C development RPM packages were installed. (Bug #78815, Bug #22005375)