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MySQL 5.5 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL 5.5.43 (2015-04-06, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL 5.5.43 (2015-04-06, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • CMake support was updated to handle CMake version 3.1. (Bug #20344207)

  • The server now includes its version number when it writes the initial starting message to the error log, to make it easier to tell which server instance error log output applies to. This value is the same as that available from the version system variable. (Bug #74917, Bug #20052694)

Bugs Fixed

  • Replication: When using a slave configured to use a special character set such as UTF-16, UTF-32, or UCS-2, the receiver (I/O) thread failed to connect. The fix ensures that in such a situation, if a slave's character set is not supported then default to using the latin1 character set. (Bug #19855907)

  • Ordering by a GROUP_CONCAT() result could cause a server exit. (Bug #19880368, Bug #20730220)

  • A malformed mysql.proc table row could result in a server exit for DROP DATABASE of the database associated with the proc row. (Bug #19875331)

  • Large values of the transaction_prealloc_size system variable could cause the server to allocate excessive amounts of memory. The maximum value has been adjusted down to 128K. A similar change was made for transaction_alloc_block_size. Transactions can still allocate more than 128K if necessary; this change reduces the amount that can be preallocated, as well as the maximum size of the incremental allocation blocks. (Bug #19770858, Bug #20730053)

  • A server exit could occur for queries that compared two rows using the <=> operator and the rows belonged to different character sets. (Bug #19699237, Bug #20730155)

  • Certain InnoDB errors caused stored function and trigger condition handlers to be ignored. (Bug #19683834, Bug #20094067)

  • The optimizer could raise an assertion due to incorrectly associating an incorrect field with a temporary table. (Bug #19612819, Bug #20730129)

  • The server could exit due to an optimizer failure to allocate enough memory for resolving outer references. (Bug #18782905, Bug #19892803)

  • Starting the server with start service or mysqld_safe could result in failure to use the correct plugin directory. (Bug #17619241)

  • Creating a FEDERATED table with an AUTO_INCREMENT column using a LIKE clause results in a server exit. (Bug #12671631)