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MySQL 5.5 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL 5.5.38 (2014-05-30, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL 5.5.38 (2014-05-30, General Availability)

Bugs Fixed

  • InnoDB: For each insert, memset would be called three times to allocate memory for system fields. To reduce CPU usage, the three memset calls are now combined into a single call. (Bug #17858679, Bug #71014)

  • Replication: When used on a table employing a transactional storage engine, a failed TRUNCATE TABLE was still written to the binary log and thus replayed on the slave. This could lead to inconsistency when the master retained data that was removed on the slave.

    Now in such cases TRUNCATE TABLE is logged only when it executes successfully. (Bug #17942050, Bug #71070)

  • For indexes on prefixes or character string columns, index corruption could occur for assignment of binary data to the column due to improper character counting. (Bug #18359924)

  • Certain INFORMATION_SCHEMA queries could cause a server exit. (Bug #18319790)

  • Solaris-specific scripts were included in and installed by non-Solaris packages. (Bug #18305641)

  • EXPLAIN on a query with an EXISTS subquery containing a UNION could cause a server exit. Multiple executions of a prepared EXPLAIN on a UNION of subqueries could cause a server exit. (Bug #18167356)

  • The client library could cause clients to exit due to incorrectly mapping the client error number to the corresponding message, if reallocation of packet buffer memory occurred. (Bug #18080920)

  • Executing a correlated subquery on an ARCHIVE table which has an AUTO_INCREMENT column caused the server to hang. (Bug #18065452)

  • Calling mysql_get_server_version() with an invalid connection handler argument caused the client to exit. Now it returns 0 and reports a CR_COMMANDS_OUT_OF_SYNC error. (Bug #18053212)

  • On Windows, calling mysql_thread_init() call without mysql_init() caused the client to exit. windows. Now it returns a nonzero result because it is an error to call mysql_thread_init() before the client library is initialized with mysql_library_init(). (Bug #17514920)

  • A statement of the following form broke row-based replication because it created a table having a field of data type BIGINT with a display width of 3000, which is beyond the maximum acceptable value of 255:


    (Bug #71179, Bug #17994219)

  • CMake produced not-useful warnings about INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES policy. (Bug #71089, Bug #17905155, Bug #17894997)

  • LOAD DATA LOCAL could use all CPU if import errors occurred when there were no line delimiters. (Bug #51840, Bug #11759519)