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MySQL 5.5 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL 5.5.14 (2011-07-05, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL 5.5.14 (2011-07-05, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Incompatible Change: In the audit plugin interface, the event_class member was removed from the mysql_event_general structure and the calling sequence for the notification function was changed. Originally, the second argument was a pointer to the event structure. The function now receives this information as two arguments: an event class number and a pointer to the event. Corresponding to these changes, MYSQL_AUDIT_INTERFACE_VERSION was increased to 0x0300.

    The plugin_audit.h header file, and the NULL_AUDIT example plugin in the plugin/audit_null directory were modified per these changes. See Writing Audit Plugins.

  • InnoDB: InnoDB now permits concurrent reads while creating a secondary index. (Bug #11853126)

    References: See also: Bug #11751388, Bug #11784056, Bug #11815600.

  • CMake configuration support on Linux now provides a boolean ENABLE_GCOV option to control whether to include support for gcov. (Bug #12549572)

  • Client programs now display more information for SSL errors to aid in diagnosis and debugging of connection problems. (Bug #21287, Bug #11745920)

Bugs Fixed

  • Replication: A mistake in thread cleanup could cause a replication master to crash. (Bug #12578441)

  • Replication: When using row-based replication and attribute promotion or demotion (see Replication of Columns Having Different Data Types), memory allocated internally for conversion of BLOB columns was not freed afterwards. (Bug #12558519)

  • Microsoft Windows: Adding support for Windows authentication to libmysqlclient introduced a link dependency on the system Secur32 library. The Microsoft Visual C++ link information now pulls in this library automatically. (Bug #12612143)

  • Subsequent to Prepared statement needs to be re-prepared errors, inserts into DECIMAL columns caused a server exit. (Bug #12608543)

  • In some cases, memory allocated for Query_tables_list::sroutines() was not freed properly. (Bug #12429877)

  • After the fix for Bug #11889186, MAKEDATE() arguments with a year part greater than 9999 raised an assertion. (Bug #12403504)

    References: This issue is a regression of: Bug #11889186.

  • An assertion could be raised due to a missing NULL value check in Item_func_round::fix_length_and_dec(). (Bug #12392636)

  • An assertion could be raised during two-phase commits if the binary log was used as the transaction coordinator log. (Bug #12346411)

  • Field_geom::reset() failed to reset its base Field_blob. The range optimizer used the uninitialized field during optimization and execution, causing the server to exit. (Bug #11908153)

  • A problem introduced in MySQL 5.5.11 caused very old (MySQL 4.0) clients to be unable to connect to the server. (Bug #61222, Bug #12563279)

  • Using CREATE EVENT IF NOT EXISTS for an event that already existed and was enabled caused multiple instances of the event to run. (Bug #61005, Bug #12546938)

  • An embedded client aborted rather than issuing an error message if it issued a TEE command (\T file_name) and the directory containing the file did not exist. This occurred because the wrong error handler was called. (Bug #57491, Bug #11764633)

  • ALTER EVENT could change the event status. (Bug #57156, Bug #11764334)

  • On some platforms, the Incorrect value: xxx for column yyy at row zzz error produced by LOAD DATA could have an incorrect value of zzz. (Bug #46895, Bug #11755168)

  • An attempt to install nonexistent files during installation was corrected. (Bug #43247, Bug #11752142)

  • On FreeBSD 64-bit builds of the embedded server, exceptions were not prevented from propagating into the embedded application. (Bug #38965, Bug #11749418)