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MySQL Utilities Release Notes  /  Changes in Release 1.6  /  Changes in MySQL Utilities 1.6.5 (2017-01-25, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Utilities 1.6.5 (2017-01-25, General Availability)

Bugs Fixed

  • Corrected a problem when using a --exec-before script that failed causing the mysqlfailover utility to fail silently. (Bug #25030151)

  • Added corrections to the message text of some utilities to eliminate typographical errors. (Bug #24742356, Bug #83173)

  • The mysqldbcopy utility failed to copy views that refer other views in the list of databases to be copied. (Bug #24657793)

  • Corrected an issue when using anonymous hosts. (Bug #24624716, Bug #82636)

  • The mysqlfrm utility failed to parse some .frm files properly. This fix ensures that the utility can parse tables with many columns in the field list. (Bug #24613794, Bug #82907)

  • The mysqldbcopy utility failed to copy tables with a primary key set to zero and with AUTO_INCREMENT applied. This fix enables the copy and export of auto-increment columns with an initial value of zero. For export, the user is warned to turn on the NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO mode for the import and suggested SQL statements to enable the mode are provided. For copy, the mode is turned on automatically and turned off after the copy. (Bug #23598948, Bug #81866)

  • Permits IPv4 address parsing to include values of 0-255 rather than 0-254. Thanks to Erol Guven for the patch. (Bug #23578714, Bug #81834)

  • Tables with BLOB data in fields marked NOT NULL restricted the operation of the mysqldbcopy utility. This fix enables the utility to copy these tables by temporarily altering the columns on the destination to remove the NOT NULL option and then to restore it after the copy. (Bug #23335753, Bug #81553)

  • Corrected an issue with reading strings from configuration files when run with Python 2.6. (Bug #22738248)

  • Corrected the error message stating the --discover-slaves-login option is not used with the failover command for the mysqlrpladmin utility. (Bug #22616847, Bug #80082)

  • Corrected the problem when socket files are used in replication utilities. Previously, the port defaulted to 3306 instead of the actual port for the servers. The code now retrieves the port from the connected servers so that connections of slaves are directed to the correct port. (Bug #22543116)

  • Added context to errors resulting from server startup for the mysqlserverclone utility. Messages recommend using the -vvv option to find the actual error from the server startup sequence. (Bug #22457829)

  • The mysqlfrm utility failed when the --verbosity option was used. This fix replaces the --verbosity option with --verbose, the correct option name, and uses it consistently in error messages and code. (Bug #22254445, Bug #79382)

  • The mysqlserverinfo utility required connection parameters to show all MySQL servers running on the local host. This fix removes that restriction when the --show-servers option is specified. (Bug #22215626, Bug #79135)

  • Corrected a problem in the mysqldbimport utility where specifying the --skip option with a valid type failed to skip the intended object or objects during the operation. (Bug #22155217, Bug #79128)

  • The mysqldbcopy utility failed to copy grants for anonymous users. (Bug #22093518, Bug #78940)

  • Improved the --quiet option to silence all informational messages for the mysqldbcompare utility. (Bug #22093453, Bug #78938)

  • Corrected a problem using a single database name in the mysqldiff utility when comparing the same database on two servers. (Bug #21764003)

  • The DEB packages did not create the required /usr/share/pyshared/mysql directory. (Bug #21626041, Bug #78054)

  • Added error handling to ensure only one slave is specified for the --slave option for the mysqlreplicate, mysqlrplcheck, and mysqlrplms utilities. (Bug #21497923)

  • Enabled the use of the --exclude option for the mysqlrplsync utility. (Bug #21270853, Bug #77359)

  • Corrected a logic error when detecting and setting READ_ONLY mode on the candidate server during promotion for failover. (Bug #21201454, Bug #76522)

  • When the mysqldiff utility compared columns for indexes, it failed to take into account cardinality changes. That is, if the cardinality of one column differed from the corresponding column in the compared table, the index was considered different. This fix eliminates unnecessarily changes to indexes by the utility when cardinality differences are detected. (Bug #20857151, Bug #76619)

  • Removed password() function usage in the MySQL Utilities library for MySQL 5.7.6 or later. (Bug #20807296)

  • The mysqlfailover utility did not remove the failover_console table correctly on exit when run with the --daemon=start option. (Bug #20524886)

  • Improved the --force option for the mysqldiff utility to allow checks to continue when missing objects are detected. (Bug #20511130, Bug #75822)

  • Removed an extraneous difference in GRID format output of the mysqldbcompare utility when column sizes differ. (Bug #18763591)

  • Corrected PEP8 warnings and errors on the utilities code base. (Bug #18755438)

  • Corrected an issue in which the mysqldbexport utility produced output with inconsistent table and database names. (Bug #18733683)