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Changes in MySQL Utilities 1.6.4 (2016-08-05, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Added a new --master-fail-retry option to the mysqlfailover utility that allows the user to specify an additional delay for detecting when the master has failed. The new option allows scenarios where the network may have severe latency issues, the server is busy, or the server is being rebooted, thereby reducing the possibility of false positive failover events. (Bug #22878052)

Bugs Fixed

  • Starting with MySQL 5.7.13, some platform distributions display a different version string for the command, "mysqld --version". For example, "5.7.13-0ubuntu0.16.04.2" versus "5.7.13". The utilities now correctly identify the version for these server versions, or any server with a version string containing more than two periods. Without this fix, some utilities would incorrectly identify the server version and produce warnings, errors, or fail. (Bug #24348569)

  • Corrects an exception thrown for hostname aliases that had more than (2) segments. For example, local.mydomain contains 2, localhost.mydomain.local contains (3), which would result in a catastrophic error "too many values" causing the utility to crash. (Bug #23300260)

  • Corrects a problem found when copying tables that contained NOT NULL blob fields. When blob fields are marked NOT NULL, the copy process would fail with an SQL error when inserting data into the target table.

    Copying NOT NULL blob fields is not supported. The utility now checks all tables in the list of databases for NOT NULL blob fields. If any are found, the database and table names are printed along with an error message.

    A workaround is to drop the NOT NULL definition on blob fields before the copy and add it after the copy completes. (Bug #23111808, Bug #78084)

  • Specifying the --testdir option resulted in unexpected behavior when verifying results because the path of the directory expected to contain the test results was not modified accordingly. (Bug #22934469, Bug #80754)

  • Adds the ability to specify a connection timeout value passed to Connector/Python (the connection to MySQL) for the mysqlfailover utility. More specifically, it allows a user to override Connector/Python's connection_timeout default value of 10. (Bug #22932375, Bug #80747)

  • Adds checks for the --exclude option to the mysqldbcompare, mysqldbcopy, and mysqldbexport utilities to determine if the pattern supplied has any special characters (such as an asterisk) which may indicate that the pattern could be a regex pattern. If there are special non-SQL LIKE pattern characters, and the user has not specified the --regexp option, a warning is presented to suggest the user may want to check the pattern using the --regexp option. (Bug #22905132)

  • Corrects an issue with the --rpl-user and --discover-slaves-login options where special symbols or improperly quoted strings could cause a crash instead of an error message. Tests were also added to ensure the utilities report an error should the user:password values fail to parse correctly. (Bug #22780854)

  • Corrects a problem using special characters with the --rpl-user option. More specifically, if the user attempted to use a ":" (colon) in the password, the utility failed with an error stating that there are too many values to unpack. The utility will now attempt to use the first colon encountered for the parse (split). Thus, user names should not contain colons, but passwords may use any valid symbol (if properly quoted) including the colon. (Bug #22619159)

  • Corrects a problem when running mysqlbinlogpurge on a 5.7.6 or later replication topology setup for multi-source replication, which could fail to detect that the slave is connected to the master specified if that master was not on the primary (first) replication channel. The utility now iterates through the slave status to check for the requested master in the list. If not found, the original error(s) are generated, otherwise the master is matched to one of the replication channels, and progress continues. (Bug #22543517, Bug #79971)

  • Corrects an issue when exporting tables with bit fields in SQL format, where bit fields were being exported as strings instead of being encoded, like b'???'. Export now correctly formats the SQL statements in the output to properly handle bit fields. (Bug #22495193, Bug #79837)

  • Installation packaging code was modified to function with OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). Installation no longer fails, and users can now install MySQL Utilities on El Capitan. (Bug #22393353, Bug #79700)

  • Corrects a problem with mysqluc where pressing the delete key failed to position the cursor in the correct location. The cursor location is now fixed, and the delete and arrow keys work properly. (Bug #22076859, Bug #78893)

  • Removed the "CREATE database" statement from the diff output for mysqldiff and mysqldbcompare for cases where the database name is the only difference. That is, the different output should not show a difference when comparing db1 to db2 when the only difference is the name of the database. However, the difference is shown for differences in quote usage and if decorators differ, such as the character set. (Bug #21222808, Bug #77058)

  • Corrected an issue when copying users that were created with the "IDENTIFIED WITH" authentication plugin option. The utility would copy the user, but not copy the authentication plugin setting, making it impossible to copy users with the plugin. The utility now captures the plugin name and assigns it to the new user. An error is thrown if the plugin is not on the destination machine or is inactive. A warning is also issued if the user attempts to assign a password to a new user when the source user has an authentication plugin. In this case, the utility will use the password and not the authentication plugin for the new user. (Bug #17666275, Bug #70745)