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MySQL Utilities Release Notes  /  Changes in Release 1.6  /  Changes in MySQL Utilities 1.6.3 (2016-03-22, Beta)

Changes in MySQL Utilities 1.6.3 (2016-03-22, Beta)

Bugs Fixed

  • The --exclude option for the mysqldbexport command did not function. (Bug #22781266)

  • The mysqlfailover and mysqlrpladmin utilities did not function with MySQL 5.7 Servers. During the failover process, they failed with the following error: "Errors: Missing gtid_executed system variable." (Bug #22617526, Bug #80189)

  • The mysqlrplsync and mysqldbcopy utilities did not function with MySQL 5.7 when used in a topology with a master. The problem was due to table locking, and began occurring when session_variables was moved to PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA in MySQL 5.7.6. The master UUID is now retrieved before locking the tables. (Bug #22608528, Bug #22628187, Bug #80200)

  • Several man pages were missing from the RPM package. (Bug #21905774, Bug #78580)

  • The mysqldbcompare utility now checks if MySQL servers are aliases. (Bug #21845449, Bug #78446)

  • Using the mysqlauditgrep utility with the --format option would throw an exception when the audit log file contained Unicode characters, and when the format was changed to something other than the default RAW. The error looked similar to "UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position". (Bug #21841353)

  • With the mysqldbcompare utility, using the same connection information for both --server1 and --server2 with the --all option would raise an AttributeError error. (Bug #21839348, Bug #78439)

  • The mysqldbexport utility's --exclude option was ignored for data when passing in either the data or both value. (Bug #21784538)

  • Several utilities (the daemon utilities, mysqlfailover, and mysqlrplms) created pid files with the default permissions on *nix systems (0777). The permissions are now more restrictive. (Bug #21653496)

  • MySQL Utilities failed to execute when the sql_mode option included "ANSI_QUOTES". (Bug #21653352, Bug #78132)

  • Executing the mysqldbcompare utility to find differences between two databases on different hosts could fail with an error similar to "Unread result found". (Bug #21572065, Bug #73841)

  • The MySQL utilities did not function with .mylogin.cnf as of MySQL Server 5.6.25 and 5.7.8 due to my_print_defaults masking passwords by default. (Bug #21343759, Bug #77550)

  • The Windows MSI 64-bit package, by default, installed in "Program Files (x86)\" on a 64-bit system, instead of "Program Files\". (Bug #20876820)

  • The mysqldiskusage utility incorrectly calculated disk usage, leading to an inaccurate result. (Bug #76703)