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Changes in MySQL Utilities 1.6.2 (2015-08-31)

Starting with MySQL Utilities 1.6.2, MySQL Fabric is no longer included as part of the MySQL Utilities release. They are now separate MySQL products with separate release cycles.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • A new optional --inherit-level parameter was added to the mysqlgrants utility. It specifies the inheritance level of the grants shown, and is set to either global (default), database, or object. (Bug #20302446)

  • Starting with MySQL Utilities 1.6.2, MySQL Fabric is no longer included as part of the MySQL Utilities release. They are now separate MySQL products with separate release cycles.

Bugs Fixed

  • The mysqldbcompare utility's --all option now ignores the internal sys schema. (Bug #21415893)

  • The mysqlimport utility would fail with an "Invalid Statement" error (errno 1694), when executed against MySQL server 5.7.7. (Bug #21327864)

  • The mysqluserclone utility did not properly copy global privileges with --include-global-privileges enabled, as it attempted to grant privileges to the source user instead of the destination user. (Bug #21031993, Bug #76938)

  • The mysqlrplsync and mysqldbcompare utilities now function correctly when the sys schema is present; a schema that is added by default as of MySQL server 5.7.7. In other words, the sys schema is no longer compared/synced as it is unique to each host. (Bug #20979041, Bug #76878)

  • The mysqldbcopy utility failed to copy a database that contained permissions to a user not present on the destination server when NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER was enabled. This is because mysqldbcopy attempted to create the user implicitly using the GRANT statement, an operation that does not work with NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER. Users are now explicitly created before the GRANT statement.

    Related, the NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER sql_mode is enabled by default as of MySQL server 5.7.7, and will become default behavior in a future release. (Bug #20972389, Bug #76866)

  • The mysqlindexcheck utility would accept options and execute when an invalid --server option was passed. A valid server connection is now required. Also, the utility would report "Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure." even when a password was not used. (Bug #20960564, Bug #76839)

  • The mysqldbexport utility required SELECT privileges to the mysql database when such permissions were not needed, even when passing in --skip=procedures,functions. (Bug #20953870, Bug #76815)

  • When using the mysqluc console, pressing Home would print the 'H' character instead of moving the cursor to the beginning of the line, and pressing End would print the 'F' character instead of moving to the end of the line. (Bug #20817994, Bug #76569)

  • Pylint tests were failing with the latest versions of pylint and pep8. (Bug #20812836)

  • Several MUT tests were failing with MySQL server 5.7.6. (Bug #20756920)

  • MySQL Utilities would hang when a long query using Connector/Python 2.1.2 was killed before completion. The underlying bug was fixed in Connector/Python 2.1.3. (Bug #20519892)

    References: See also: Bug #76156.

  • The MySQL Utilities test suite now tests the strict SQL mode. (Bug #20411304, Bug #75612)

  • The maximum length of was set to 30 characters. The mysqlfailover utility failed to start when host names were longer than this. The new maximum length is 255. (Bug #20380999, Bug #75544)

  • Some replication utilities, such as mysqlfailover and mysqlrpladmin, would crash with MySQL server 5.7.6 (and above) because a new column (Channel_name) was added to the mysql.slave_master_info table.

    The utilities were updated to not fail when additional columns are added in the future. (Bug #20344064)

  • The mysqldbexport and mysqldbimport utilities failed to correctly export/import databases using non-SQL formats like CSV, if the database contained a table with compound keys. This issue did not happen for the SQL format (default), it only occurred for the other available formats, such as CSV and TAB. (Bug #20191865)

  • A rpl_admin_gtid test set the gtid_purged variable on the master server to create a controllable scenario where a slave server was missing GTIDs from the server. However, this was a faulty behavior from the server that was fixed in 5.6.22 and 5.7.6 via Bug #19012085. (Bug #20161135)

    References: See also: Bug #19012085.

  • The mysqldbimport utility was unable to import multiple databases from a single file if the file format was not SQL, such as CSV. (Bug #20070400)

  • Under some conditions, some commands that manipulates privileges can now be executed/invoked remotely. (Bug #18353517)

  • The mysqldiff failed to generate correct ALTER statements that differentiated between DEFAULT NULL and DEFAULT ''. (Bug #75236, Bug #20227070)