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Changes in MySQL Utilities 1.5.4 (2015-03-04, General Availability)

Bugs Fixed

  • Triggering a network down on a master or slave in a MySQL Fabric group would hang Fabric for an extended amount of time before it failed over and promoted a slave to a new master. (Bug #19949241, Bug #74555)

  • The number of session threads was not properly configured, thus making MySQL only accept one request at a time. (Bug #19875584, Bug #74509)

  • The mysqlfabric event trigger did not properly handle arguments. (Bug #19644057, Bug #73968)

  • MySQL Utilities now reflects the SSL behavior introduced for the MySQL client in MySQL 5.7.3. Setting --ssl=1 now causes the MySQL connection to fail if an encrypted connection can not be established. (Bug #19031182)

  • An exception was thrown after executing "mysqlfabric dump sharding_information" commands when no shards were inside a definition / setup. (Bug #18412096, Bug #72044)

  • Fabric would emit a generic "No such file or directory" error when the mysqldump_program option in fabric.cfg was set to an invalid path. This error now refers to "MySQLDump". (Bug #18370927)

  • mysqlfabric would print a JSON-like output as a result, but this was potentially confusing as it was not JSON. Valid JSON is now used. (Bug #18110179, Bug #71445)

  • The exit code of "mysqlfabric group create ..." was 0 for both the success and the error cases. Now, 0 is only returned on success. (Bug #18110165, Bug #71444)