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Changes in MySQL Utilities 1.5.2 (2014-09-26, General Availability)

Bugs Fixed

  • Added the missing README and LICENSE text for the commercial packages. (Bug #19675930)

  • For Windows, the Utilities MSI distribution package was setting the wrong permissions for the generated installation directory, which included all permissions granted for the 'Users' group. Now, the only permission set here for the 'Users' group is read-only. (Bug #19611879)

  • The failure detector was specifying a set of groups as lockable objects, and a failover operation could potentially run while a group was being updated by another operation which could lead to unpredictable results. (Bug #19594070, Bug #73873)

  • A debugging message was being sent through the Fabric RPC protocol. (Bug #19588383, Bug #73864)

  • Due to licensing conflicts between OpenSSL and GPL, SSL support is not included in the community edition for Windows. (Bug #19487002)

  • Fabric behaved inconsistently with respect to sharding and nonexistent tables. (Bug #19450843, Bug #73599)

  • For Fabric, Connectors inserting large amount of data before the TTL expires, after a resharding metadata update, could cause inconsistencies between the sharding definition and the data on the shard. (Bug #19427027, Bug #73546)

  • Separate CHANGES and README files were added to the commercial distribution. (Bug #19380635)

  • Fabric could return an incorrect "lower_bound" length, depending on the character set. (Bug #19352961, Bug #73218)

  • The --disable-binary-logging flag of the mysqldbcompare utility did not function properly. It always required SUPER privileges in cases where the server had binary logging enabled, it was enabled internally even when not in use, and it threw an error when attempting to generate SQL statements for the differences between tables if one of the rows had columns with NULL values.

    Also, the ability to call the to_sql method for each column was added, which is enabled by default for the CSV output type. (Bug #19320164, Bug #73426)

  • The mysqlserverclone utility did not check for a low amount of free space before it created a new instance of the server. It now errors out if 120+ MB of free space is unavailable, but this check can be ignored by also passing in the --force option.

    Additionally, the error handling for failed new data directory creation was improved to show additional details about the failure. (Bug #19303700, Bug #73366)

  • When copying views that depended on sub-views that were not yet copied, some utilities such as mysqldbcopy failed. The dependency related code was fixed to solve this problem. (Bug #19302898, Bug #73383)

  • The policy command for the mysqlauditadmin utility failed when applied to recent MySQL server versions (such as MySQL 5.6.20 and 5.7.5). This is because audit_log_policy is now a READONLY variable (Bug #19259597)

  • The utilities did not parse all types of GRANT statements, such as those with PROXY privileges and stored routines. The utilities could also fail when objects contained backticks. (Bug #19238432)

  • The mysqldbcompare utility failed when comparing two databases while using the SQL difftype. (Bug #19174364, Bug #72181)

  • Commands accept either a UUID or an address (i.e. host:port) to specify a server. The code was ignoring that a wrong address could be provided, and in consequence the execution could hang. The address is now validated before it is used.

    If the server belongs to a group, the address is checked against the information stored in the state store.

    If the server is not part of a group, Fabric will try to access the server until a timeout is reached. The default value for this timeout is defined through the option "unreachable_timeout" in the "servers" section in the configuration file, and it affects the following commands:

    • server lookup_uuid address [--timeout=NONE] ...

    • server clone group_id destn_address [--timeout=NONE] ...

    • group add group_id address [--timeout=NONE] ...

    (Bug #19172889, Bug #73233)

  • Some of try/exception blocks were catching the DatabaseError exception and raising a new exception without propagating information from the original problem.

    The error messages were improved by adding information about the server where the error originated, and the caught DatabaseError information is merged into the appropriate objects. (Bug #18999358, Bug #18370950, Bug #73019)

  • The --force option was removed from the mysqlfabric utility. It was removed to help alleviate confusion about its purpose. Its functionality was replaced by clearer status messages that are always printed out. (Bug #18991971, Bug #72931)

  • The --skip-innodb option is used by the utilities, but this option is ignored in MySQL 5.7+. A warning is now issued for this scenario. (Bug #18753983, Bug #72633)

  • The mysqldiff utility's --skip-table-options option would fail when comparing two tables with different column ordering, or when also setting the --difftype option to SQL. (Bug #18632836, Bug #72178)

  • The RPM installation failed to check for the required Connector/Python version, and having the incorrect version installed caused "mysqlfabric manage setup" to fail. (Bug #18450008)