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Changes in MySQL Utilities 1.4.1 (2013-12-17, Alpha)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of 1.4.0. It is also the first non-labs release of the 1.4.x branch.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • A new --license parameter was added to display the license text, and the --version parameter was updated to show the license type. (Bug #17634676)

  • An Installer package (DMG) was added for OS X.

    A workaround was to compile the MySQL Utilities from source. (Bug #17347424, Bug #70123)

  • The mysqlfrm utility now has the ability to produce a valid .frm file with the storage engine changed for any table that can be read by the .frm Reader in default mode. This ability requires you to specify --new-storage-engine and --frmdir (used to create and place .frm files, and the directory must exist). (Bug #17242369)

  • Performance improvements, including multiprocessing support, was added to the mysqldbexport, mysqldbimport and mysqldbcopy utilities. Performance improvements include:


    • Multiprocessing by database for non-POSIX systems (Microsoft Windows) and by table for POSIX systems, using the new --multiprocess option.

    • A new --output-file parameter was added to store the export results instead of using the (slower) standard output. Export results are now always sent to a file, and only to stdout and the end if required.


    • Multiprocessing by file (independent of the operating system), using the new --multiprocess option.

    • Perform only a single COMMIT at the end of importing each file, by default. A new --autocommit option was added to allow each statement to be committed upon its execution.

    • The bulk insert feature was improved (supports SQL statements). If the --bulk-insert option is enabled, then all INSERT statements are parsed and their data aggregated (if possible) in order to be executed as a single query.

    • A new --max-bulk-insert option was added to control the maximum size of the bulk insert, in order to avoid broken pipe errors. When the maximum number of INSERT statements is reached, then a new bulk insert is created.


    • Multiprocessing by database for non POSIX systems (Microsoft Windows) and by table for POSIX systems, using the new --multiprocess option.

    • Remove/disable the previous thread feature.

    (Bug #14725390)

Bugs Fixed

  • Checks are now made to force that a MySQL server belongs to a single group. (Bug #17929077, Bug #71125)

  • The Backspace key did not function in the mysqluc utility. (Bug #17909223)

  • The mysqlmetagrep utility now emits an informative notice if an unsupported object type is passed in, such as "--search-objects=function" or "--object-types=function", when before it threw an unhandled exception. (Bug #17908146)

  • The mysqlfailover utility threw an unexpected exception when a nonexistent slave was specified in the slaves list. (Bug #17903944)

  • The required version of Connector/Python is now v1.0.8 or greater. (Bug #17864266)

  • Attempting to use the mysqldbcopy utility to copy a database with one or more blob fields failed, and emit an error such as "TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting". (Bug #17722274)

  • On Microsoft Windows, the mysqlfabric script would not execute easily due to it missing a file extension. The file is now named

    A workaround was to pass the script to a python executable, such as python scripts\mysqlfabric. (Bug #17639666, Bug #70694)

  • With Fabric, the checkpoint routine could cause deadlocks. (Bug #17633546, Bug #71127)

  • The help for the --rpl mysqldbexport utility parameter was improved to clarify that a destination/slave server cannot be specified for export. (Bug #17633465)

  • The mysqldbcopy and mysqldbexport utilities were creating views before user-defined functions or procedures. As result, the copy or export failed if at least one of the views was using user-defined functions or procedures. Now, the functions and procedures are processed before the views. (Bug #17622298, Bug #70648)

  • On Microsoft Windows, starting Fabric could hang due to insufficient resources when used with a 32-bit build of Python on a 64-bit Windows system. Error handling was also improved for related use cases. (Bug #17592301, Bug #71128)

  • On Microsoft Windows, attempting to install the MySQL Utilities from source failed, as required a "/etc" directory. (Bug #17555531, Bug #70512)

  • Improvements were made to the mysqldbcopy MUT tests. (Bug #17548335)

  • Error reporting in the mysqluc utility was improved to clarify which utilities are generating the errors. (Bug #17510350)

  • The mysqlauditadmin utility would unnecessarily set "audit_log_flush = ON" during a rotate operation. (Bug #17475780)

  • The mysqldbcopy utility could emit an error and exit when cloning a database with foreign key constraints that pointed to multiple tables. (Bug #17474810)

  • The mysqlindexcheck utility now informs the user when there was not enough data collected to produce a list of "best" and "worst" queries, when before it would seemingly ignore the table. (Bug #17457402, Bug #70339)

  • On Microsoft Windows, the list-commands parameter of the mysqlfabric utility did not function. (Bug #17454423, Bug #71126)

  • In MUT, the 'drop database' functionality is now centralized and reused throughout MUT, when before it was defined in multiple files. (Bug #17423074)

  • On Microsoft Windows, the mysqluc utility would crash after clicking the home button in MySQL Workbench. (Bug #17415167)

  • The Debian MySQL Utilities packages could not be installed if the installed Connector/Python package had a different license type, as the license type of both packages had to be identical. It is now possible to install a commercial version of Connector/Python with a GPL version of MySQL Utilities, or vice-versa. (Bug #17393742)

  • When MySQL Utilities was installed using the RPM package, it was not possible to upgrade with a newer version, or change the license type from another RPM package to another without manually removing the installed package. (Bug #17393523)

  • After executing the mysqluserclone utility without the optional --source parameter, which then attempted to use the default credentials, an unhandled exception would be thrown if the default credentials were invalid. The --source parameter is now required. (Bug #17217461)

  • The login-path feature, as set in .mylogin.cnf, did not allow for login paths with special characters, such as dashes. (Bug #17214291)

  • When the mysqlfailover connection to the master was killed, occasionally it caused an automatic fail over. mysqlfailover will now attempt to reconnect to the master, and after 3 attempts it will assume that the master is down. The connection to the master is not maintained between the reporting intervals. (Bug #17066910, Bug #69213)

  • The mysqlserverinfo utility parsed error messages raised during the server connection, which could suggest actions that the user could take to fix the errors, such as using the start option when the server was offline. The error numbers are now used for the same purpose instead of parsing the error messages. (Bug #16386941)

  • The server_info_errors test was unable to execute successfully on Microsoft Windows, and was temporary disabled. It is now enabled again, and was adjusted to function properly. (Bug #16226348)

  • The mysqlserverinfo utility output did not display information about the error, general, slow query. and audit log files. (Bug #14181681)

  • The mysqlserverclone utility did not check if the server passed to the --server parameter was local to the machine that mysqlserverclone was being executed on. (Bug #13773247)

  • The mysqlprocgrep utility did not provide an option to search and kill processes by ID. The --match-id parameter was added, which searches processes by ID and allows them to be killed by ID. (Bug #13572964)

  • The --body parameter of the mysqlmetagrep utility now supports views. (Bug #13563921)

  • The --character-set option was added to utilities that allow the user to define the client character set used for the MySQL connection, such as mysqldbexport and mysqldbimport. If this option is not provided, then the character set retrieved from the MySQL Server variable character_set_client is used. (Bug #13417229)