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Changes in MySQL Utilities 1.3.0 (2013-04-03)

This section documents changes in the initial release of the new 1.3.x branch, and includes all changes in version 1.2.0.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • By design, the mysqlfrm utility would not execute as root. This restriction was removed, and a new --user option was added that specifies the MySQL user account that will execute the MySQL Server. The --user option is required when executing the command as root, as either su or sudo. (Bug #16445510)

  • The mysqlfrm utility failed to read .frm files with dotted names, such as this.has.dots.frm. A workaround was to rename the file. (Bug #16439679)

  • The mysqlfrm utility was added. It is designed as a recovery tool that reads .frm files and produces CREATE statements from the table definition data found in the file.

Bugs Fixed

  • On Microsoft Windows, the README file was incorrect, and was removed from the distribution. (Bug #16605748)

  • On Microsoft Windows, and when sockets were not used, specifying a port that was already used on Microsoft Windows could cause the clone of a MySQL Server to fail when using the mysqlfrm utility. A workaround was to specify the --root-password option so that the cloned MySQL Server could change the password. The specified port is now checked to ensure that it is free, otherwise the clone will fail with an exception. This fix impacts all utilities that handle MySQL Server cloning. (Bug #16454212)

  • The documentation is now bundled, and exists in the doc/ folder. (Bug #68610)