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Changes in MySQL Utilities 1.2.4 (2013-07-08)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of 1.2.3.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The required Python version changed from 2.7 to 2.6, to better accommodate a wider range of operating systems. (Bug #16953933)

Bugs Fixed

  • The START SLAVE statement failed when a MySQL server was started with the --master-info-repository=TABLE and --relay-log-info-repository=TABLE options, and with autocommit mode disabled. This fix provides a workaround by enabling autocommit ("SET autocommit=1") before executing a START SLAVE statement. This allows the utility to function with past and future versions of MySQL server. (Bug #17029968, Bug #16745357, Bug #68657)

  • The MUT test suite failed or run slowly on systems with a low amount of memory. This was improved by now killing MySQL instances that are no longer required to execute other tests. (Bug #16991428)

  • The mysqldiskusage utility crashed when used on servers with strangely named databases, such as "foo`bar". The encoding was updated so the proper database directory is now referenced. (Bug #16920452)

  • When executing mysqldbcompare with --difftype=sql on a table without a primary key, the uncommented text "No primary key found." was added to the generated SQL. This text is now commented. (Bug #16920156, Bug #69227)

  • The help text for the mysqluc utility contained outdated copyright information. (Bug #16860031, Bug #16832071, Bug #69281)

  • Using long variables names in mysqluc would throw an unhandled exception when executing SHOW variables. The variable names are now truncated if their width exceeds the maximum allowable width.

    Support for passing in multiple variables to the mysqluc utility was also fixed. (Bug #16832161, Bug #69284)

  • The mysqlindexcheck utility was not quoting objects identifiers with backticks in the generated SQL. (Bug #16832125, Bug #69283)

  • The mysqldiskusage utility's innodb_file listing did not use the system's localization for displaying digits. (Bug #16832089, Bug #69282)

  • The mysqlfailover utility was incorrectly recognizing the GRANT OPTION privilege. It now checks if slaves have SELECT and RELOAD privileges, which are now required to successfully execute failover due to recent improvements. (Bug #16820207)

  • Termination of the master connection for the mysqlfailover utility caused an ungraceful failure. (Bug #16805721, Bug #69210)

  • While performing a switchover, some errors were printed but not saved to the log file. (Bug #16800645, Bug #69195)

  • The mysqlserverinfo utility displayed misleading error information when accessing a remote MySQL server. The utility would attempt to retrieve the configuration defaults of the specified remote MySQL server, but they can only be retrieved locally. A proper warning is now emitted. (Bug #16799550, Bug #69197)

  • The --start-timeout option was added to the mysqlserverinfo utility. It determines the number of seconds to wait for the server to be online when started in read-only mode using the --start option. The default value is 10 seconds. (Bug #16799550, Bug #69197)

  • The mysqldiskusage utility did not display the binary log usage data when used from a remote host. It is now displayed using SHOW BINARY LOGS when the utility is executed from a remote host. Now, the required privileges (to execute required queries) are also checked before retrieving the logs usage, and an appropriate error is issued when appropriate.

    The list of relay log files was not displayed properly if relay_log_basename was empty. The default prefix is now used in this case. (Bug #16799466, Bug #69198)

  • The --status=STATUS option was added to the mysqlauditgrep utility. It accepts a comma-separated list of MySQL error codes (integers). (Bug #16703480, Bug #69034)

  • The mysqlauditgrep utility option --query-type was improved to avoid false positives. (Bug #16617624, Bug #68891)

  • The utilities console (mysqluc) now reads the help and options information from other utilities on-demand, rather than at startup. (Bug #16344168)

  • The replication utilities would halt operations with a "Not enough permissions" error even with --skip-grant-tables enabled. The user privileges check is now disabled if the MySQL server has grants disabled. (Bug #14348434)

  • The mysqldbcopy utility did not copy the default charset from the original database. mysqldbcopy will now query the default charset and collation from the original database and set these values (if they exist) on the destination database. (Bug #13893128)

  • The mysqldbcopy utility failed to copy foreign key constraints while it cloned databases, and the --new-storage-engine and --default-storage-engine options did not function correctly while cloning databases. (Bug #13519748, Bug #63783)

  • The default charset for MySQL connections is now set to "utf8" instead of latin1, in order to support non-latin data. (Bug #13417229, Bug #14383887, Bug #65273)