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Changes in MySQL Utilities 1.1.2 (2013-01-17)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of 1.1.1.

Bugs Fixed

  • The gtid-enabled utilities (mysqldbcopy, mysqldbexport, and mysqldbimport) would crash if gtid_executed was empty on the source, or emit a generic error if gtid_purged was not empty on the target. (Bug #16072863)

  • mysqlrplshow would silently suppress connection errors when it discovered slaves for a master using a user who did not have the correct privileges to connect to the slave. (Bug #16037123)

  • The mysqldbcompare utility help text displayed a --server option that did not exist. (Bug #16035934)

  • mysqlrpladmin's switchover capability could fail to switch over all of the slaves if there was an error in the replication stream.

    Changes to prevent this include stopping the switchover process unless the --force option is passed in, require either the --discover-slaves-login or --slave options so that mysqlrpladmin can obtain a list of slaves, and expand the error message to include this information. (Bug #16023781)

  • Copying databases failed if the database included columns without values, or foreign keys. (Bug #16023646)

  • The mysqlfailover utility would emit ambiguous timeout related errors. And a valid --timeout value (such as a float) is now converted to an integer. (Bug #16020953)

  • The mysqldiskusage utility would always report the binary and relay logs as missing if they were not located in the data directory. For MySQL Server 5.6.2 and greater, mysqldiskusage also checks the log_bin_basename and relay_log_basename MySQL Server configuration options. (Bug #16016887)

  • Utility features that depend on GTID functionality will now check if the MySQL Server version is 5.6.9 or greater, and that the gtid_executed variable is present. Otherwise, these utilities will gracefully exit with a helpful error message. (Bug #16010766)

  • Added test cases for the mysqldbcopy and mysqldbexport commands (Bug #15867353)

  • The mysqluc environment now looks for MySQL utilities both with or without the .py file extension. (Bug #14712211)

  • mysqlserverinfo would report the MySQL Server as "server is offline" when the login lacked privileges to access status information, or if the login user did not exist. In this case, it would report "server is offline" even if the server was up and running. (Bug #14158371)

  • The --stop-test=prefix option was added to the mut test suite. It will stop executing tests after executing the first test that begins with the prefix prefix. (Bug #13931340)

  • The mysqluserclone utility will now include anonymous and root users in the output if the --dump option is passed to mysqluserclone along with the --list option. Otherwise, only passing in --list will continue to skip those user types. (Bug #13931340)