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Changes in MySQL Utilities 1.0.2 (2011-08-12)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of 1.0.1.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Added the --new-storage-engine and --default-storage-engine options to the mysqldbcopy and mysqldbimport utilities. (Bug #12632010)

  • Refactored the MySQL Utilities library to remove optional parameter lists, and replaced them with an options dictionary.

  • Refactored the MySQL Utilities library to make the server connection use a variety of connection parameters.

  • Refactored the exception handling in the python library for MySQL Utilities to be more granular, and divided them into classes and errors types.

Bugs Fixed

  • Exporting a database with tables containing a single column and a mixed set of storage engines could result in the wrong storage engine being used. (Bug #12631924)

  • Several parts of the code referred to the incorrect postal address of the Free Software Foundation. (Bug #12614037)

  • Attempting to connect to a host name containing hyphens using any of the python based command line utilities would truncate the host name at the hyphen. (Bug #60252, Bug #11829755)

  • Added the mysqlrplcheck utility, which is used to check replication prerequisites.

  • Added the mysqldbcompare utility, which is used to compare two databases.

  • Refactored the MySQL Utilities tree to remove extraneous files, fix test locations, and make mut resemble MTR's folder structure.