MySQL Notifier Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Notifier 1.1.7 (2016-08-01)

Changes in MySQL Notifier 1.1.7 (2016-08-01)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The automatic migration of connections from MySQL Notifier to MySQL Workbench can now be delayed for a period of time or suspended indefinitely.

  • An option for setting the interval to ping monitored MySQL server instances for status changes was added to the Actions, Options menu.

Bugs Fixed

  • The Configure Instance option was renamed to Manage Instance. (Bug #24339668)

  • An error was displayed when valid domain user credentials were used to add a remote Windows service. (Bug #24305736)

  • Testing new connections for remote MySQL instances would display a “High Severity Error" message. (Bug #24010582)

  • When MySQL Notifier was installed using MySQL Installer, an exception was thrown and MySQL Notifier failed to start. (Bug #23762891)

  • The SQL Editor link to MySQL Workbench was disabled for each monitored MySQL instance or service when MySQL Workbench was installed. (Bug #23748734, Bug #82130)

  • Validation checking identified domain\username as an invalid format to use when adding a remote Windows service to be monitored. Now, domain users with sufficient permissions to access the remote computer can connect using the domain\username format. (Bug #23746334, Bug #82120)

  • The main XML element in %APPDATA%\Oracle\MySQL Notifier\settings.config was renamed to MySQLNotifier from MySQLForExcel. Indentations were added to improve the overall readability of configuration settings. (Bug #23740262, Bug #82104)

  • Windows services on a remote computer were not retrieved and could not be added to the list services to be monitored. (Bug #23667056, Bug #82000)

  • A corrupted connections.xml file caused MySQL Notifier to display a "Root element is missing" error message when started. (Bug #22160640, Bug #73540)

  • Attempts to subscribe to a remote Windows service for the first time failed and returned a “High Severity Error" message when the remote service was an instance of MySQL. (Bug #20389122, Bug #75319)

  • Case-sensitive naming prevented status changes to MySQL instances running as services for Windows. Now, service names for MySQL instances are added with compatible casing. (Bug #19881188, Bug #74516)

  • A "High Severity Error" raised by MySQL Notifier appeared intermittently during installations performed using MySQL Installer. (Bug #17825477)