MySQL Notifier Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Notifier 1.1.6 (2014-09-22)

Changes in MySQL Notifier 1.1.6 (2014-09-22)

Bugs Fixed

  • A "High Severity Error" was thrown when restarting Notifier if MySQL services/products had been removed while Notifier was not running. (Bug #19439604, Bug #73576)

  • A "High Severity Error" was thrown when a my.ini file for a monitored MySQL instance was deleted. (Bug #19422802, Bug #73539)

  • Available updates detected by MySQL Installer were not being communicated back to MySQL Notifier. Now, the Notifier correctly displays notifications for available updates. (Bug #19219905)

  • MySQL Notifier failed to start when a monitored service name contained the string "MySQL" since it was being treated as a MySQL server service. Now, the detection of MySQL services has been fixed to select real MySQL server services. (Bug #19078684, Bug #73135)

  • Removing MySQL Workbench's connections from within Workbench, or by deleting the MySQL Workbench connections.xml file, now removes those MySQL connections from the SQL editor sub menus of corresponding monitored services in MySQL Notifier. (Bug #18163378)

  • Selecting Actions, Check for updates, and then No, would throw a "High Severity Error". (Bug #17858917)

  • MySQL Notifier now handles fabric, fabric managed, and unknown connections, in the instances dialog. Fabric connections are not shown, "Fabric Managed" connections are shown in the Manage Instances dialog with "Type = Fabric Managed". MySQL Connections that do not use a native, SSH, socket, or fabric driver are treated as unknown and not shown.