MySQL Notifier Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Notifier 1.0.3 (2012-07-25)

Changes in MySQL Notifier 1.0.3 (2012-07-25)

Initial public release of the MySQL Notifier.

Bugs Fixed

  • Changing the Use Colorful Icons option would not go into effect after option dialog window closed. (Bug #14357610)

  • On Microsoft Windows XP, installing the MySQL Notifier would not schedule the startup task. (Bug #14357592)

  • The MySQL Notifier failed to load if MySQL Workbench had not already been loaded at least once. This was due to how MySQL Workbench created a required directory. (Bug #14356442)

  • MySQL Notifier would not uninstall previous versions during installation. (Bug #14352140)

  • Filtering errors would result in full stack traces. Stack traces are not longer reported to the user. (Bug #14347636)

  • The error message windows were title as "MySQL Notifer" instead of "MySQL Notifier". (Bug #14347590)

  • A log file was added, and unhandled exceptions are now logged. The log file is located here: %APPDATA\Oracle\MySQL Notifier\MySQLNotifer.log (Bug #14343520)

  • The MySQL Notifier status could be incorrect if the MySQL Server was stopped and started without the Notifier. (Bug #14332357)

  • The Configure Instance option would open the Server Status section of MySQL Workbench but now loads the Administration window. Also, SQL Editor now opens the MySQL Workbench SQL editor. (Bug #14332346)

  • On Microsoft Windows XP, the Notification when service changes state option now works properly. (Bug #14332341)