MySQL Enterprise Monitor 4.0 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 4.0.8 (2019-01-24)

Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 4.0.8 (2019-01-24)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The bundled JRE was updated to 1.8.0_202 for both the Agent and Service Manager.

  • The MySQL server, bundled with MySQL Enterprise Service Manager, has been upgraded to MySQL 5.7.25.

  • As of this release, performance-schema-consumer-events-statements-history-long is enabled on the bundled repository. If you are using an external repository, you must enable this consumer by adding the following to your MySQL configuration file:

  • The OpenSSL libraries used by the MySQL Enterprise Monitor installers and have been upgraded to 1.0.2q.

Bugs Fixed

  • The documentation describing the Active Directory configuration incorrectly stated that a port was required in addition to the hostname. The port is 389 and cannot be altered. (Bug #29173152)

  • The documentation describing the logic of replica promotion to source was incorrect. (Bug #28905972)

  • It was not possible to remove the CPU Utilization - Mysql Server - CPU graph from the Overview if only a single instance was selected. (Bug #28794385)

  • The graph range selection controls (Cancel selection and Query Analysis) were visible through any menu or dialog which overlaid the selection. (Bug #17555151)