MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.4 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.4.8 (2018-07-24)

Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.4.8 (2018-07-24)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The installers were updated with improved Japanese and Chinese translations.

    Also, to better support Japanese installations, the configuration_report files, generated by the installer, now use the utf8 character set.

  • The OpenSSL libraries used by the MySQL Enterprise Monitor installers and MySQL Enterprise Monitor Aggregator have been upgraded to 1.0.2o.

  • The MySQL server, bundled with the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager, has been upgraded to MySQL 5.7.23.

  • The bundled JRE was updated to 1.8.0_181 for both the Agent and Service Manager.

Bugs Fixed

  • Changes to the Query Analysis Reporting advisor's configuration were ignored by the built-in agent of the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager. The changes were created correctly, but the built-in agent continued using the default schedule and configuration.


    This issue affected the built-in agent of the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager only. It did not affect the standalone MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent.

    For information on this distinction, see MySQL Enterprise Monitor Component Overview.

    (Bug #27986851)

  • The plus character (+) was added to search criteria on the Query Analyzer filter's Value field. These characters were added if a search was performed, the Details page was opened for one of the search results, then the Query Analyzer page was opened again.

    For example, searching for INSERT INTO `mem__quan` resulted in the string INSERT+INTO+`mem__quan`.

  • The agent upgrade option, --ignore-old-proxy-aggr was present in the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent and documentation. The upgrade from MySQL Enterprise Agent Proxy Service 2.3 is no longer supported.

  • If the configuration of the Query Analysis Reporting advisor was changed, for example by disabling, then re-enabling, the Example Query or Explain, the Auto-Explain Threshold value was set to zero instead of to the default value of 100 milliseconds. This resulted in an error and no new queries were displayed on the Query Analyzer.

  • The Example Statements configuration message, displayed if EXAMPLE/EXPLAIN query was not enabled, incorrectly referenced performance_schema_events_statements_history_size instead of performance_schema_events_statements_history_long_size.

  • If the data retention policy was set to zero, or a negative value, and the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager was upgraded, the upgraded MySQL Enterprise Service Manager failed to start.