MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.4 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.4.1 (2017-06-06)

Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.4.1 (2017-06-06)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The Replication Configuration advisor now generates an event if slave_pending_jobs_size_max or slave_max_allowed_packet are less than the source's max_allowed_packet. (Bug #25996472)

  • It is now possible to specify an exclusion list of users with global privileges on the mysql.user table. This is done using a regular expression in the MySQL User Account advisor. An event is generated for any user which does not match the defined expression.

    For more information, see MySQL User Account.


    This change replaces the Account Has Global Privileges advisor, and moves its functionality to the MySQL User Account advisor. If you changed the scheduling or thresholds on the Account Has Global Privileges advisor, they will be lost after upgrading to this version.

    (Bug #17742263)

  • The Tomcat server, bundled with the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager, has been upgraded to 8.5.14.

  • The bundled JRE was updated to 1.8.0_131 for both the Agent and Service Manager.

  • An agent installer is now available for FreeBSD 11.

Bugs Fixed

  • The Replication dashboard did not correctly represent groups if one of the members left the group and MySQL Enterprise Service Manager could not monitor that member. MySQL Enterprise Service Manager displayed the last known state of the member instead of displaying it as Unreachable and graying-out the Group Plugin status. (Bug #26136352)

  • The Statement Type drop-down list on the Query Analyzer page contained incorrectly named entries, formatted as form.label.statementType.option.NAME. (Bug #26132066)

  • Under certain circumstances, if a custom graph was created, then deleted, and the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager was upgraded to 3.4, the user interface of the upgraded MySQL Enterprise Service Manager failed to load. (Bug #26122041)

  • A Null Pointer Exception was logged if the Average Statement Execution Time advisor was enabled but all its notice thresholds were disabled. (Bug #25872561)

  • The Query Analyzer's Explain Query tab did not display long queries correctly. As of this release, long keys are wrapped on multiple lines. (Bug #25517867)

  • Under certain circumstances, the last instance of a group was truncated in the Group Replication dashboard's Topology view.

  • Custom filters which were not edited were displayed as edited on the Query Analyzer and graphs pages.

  • Under certain circumstances, graphs would not load on the Backup dashboard's History tab.

  • After an upgrade from MySQL Enterprise Service Manager 3.1, or 3.2, to 3.3 or higher, the Backup dashboard's Backup Run Time History and Backup Lock Time History displayed zeroes for instances monitored since before the upgrade.

  • Under certain circumstances, if a overrides were defined on MySQL instances in an advisor, both the parent and child schedules were evaluated for the overridden instance, instead of child schedule only. As a result, duplicate collections were performed and incorrect events displayed.

  • The upgrade process prompted you to re-import SSL certificates from the backup of the previous version. This is not necessary unless you are using LDAP and had imported your own SSL certificates into the keystore of the JRE bundled with MySQL Enterprise Monitor.

    The prompt has been updated.

  • Under certain circumstances, a monitored MySQL instance could be reported as having two, different server_uuid values. This could happen if the monitored instance was part of a replication topology, or installed in a docker container, and used Host Plus Data Directory from the MySQL Instance Identity Source menu.

  • Microsoft Windows 2016 Server systems were reported as Unknown.