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MySQL for Visual Studio Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL for Visual Studio 2.0  /  Changes in MySQL for Visual Studio 2.0.5 (2017-04-25, Development Milestone)

Changes in MySQL for Visual Studio 2.0.5 (2017-04-25, Development Milestone)

Known limitation of this release: MySQL Connections Manager does not save the changes made to the default schema when editing a connection. Use one of the following workarounds to resolve this limitation:

  • For new connections created with MySQL Connections Manager in which a default schema is specified, close MySQL Connections Manager and then reopen it. After performing this action, you can add the connection to the Microsoft Visual Studio Server Explorer.

  • For existing connections, set the default schema with MySQL Workbench.

This release includes the following new functionality and bug fixes:

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Removed Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

  • Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.

  • Added an output pane to the MySQL SQL Editor window. The new MySQL Output pane includes the information that previously appeared in the Messages tab.

Bugs Fixed

  • The MySQL Data Export Tool exported data from the wrong schema when a second schema was selected and then deselected. In addition, all selected schemas were deselected when a single schema was deselected. (Bug #25713981, Bug #23666666)

  • Script files did not accept most keyboard input after the file was saved for the first time. (Bug #25713638, Bug #24751945)

  • The Field Type view in the result tab of an executed SQL query did not display field information correctly when the query included a schema name explicitly. (Bug #24601948, Bug #82882)

  • The bit() data type was incorrectly implemented as bit(10) for MySQL tables in the Table Designer window. (Bug #13477821)