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MySQL for Visual Studio Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2  /  Changes in MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.9 (2019-10-21, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.9 (2019-10-21, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • MySQL for Visual Studio now prompts for action when it detects any conflicts in its configuration files that were introduced after MySQL for Visual Studio was installed. Errors associated with this type of configuration conflict prevent the creation of data sources and table adapters.

    A new Configuration Update Tool can resolve the conflicts between Connector/NET and MySQL for Visual Studio libraries as they are detected (see MySQL for Visual Studio Configuration Update Tool). To complete the action, it is necessary to restart affected versions of Visual Studio manually after the tool finishes updating the files. (Bug #29884031, Bug #82617)

  • MySQL for Visual Studio now supports all editions of Microsoft Visual Studio 2019. In addition, this release removes support for Visual Studio versions 2012 and 2013. (Bug #29616463, Bug #94937)

  • The MySQL Website Configuration tool was renamed and extended to also automate entry updates to the app.config file (in addition to the web.config file). The newly renamed MySQL Application Configuration tool preserves the functionality used to simplify website development and now extends the configuration capabilities of the tool to manage dependencies required when running the Entity Data Model Wizard. (Bug #29490017)

  • Connections to MySQL using SSL PEM encryption or standard TCP/IP over SSH now are supported by MySQL for Visual Studio (see Making a Connection).

Bugs Fixed

  • Several installation errors caused the wrong version or edition of Visual Studio to be identified, which then resulted in the deployment of MySQL for Visual Studio files to the wrong folder or to a file structure that represented multiple versions Visual Studio that were neither selected nor installed on the host computer. (Bug #30225436, Bug #96576)

  • A secondary window opened unexpectedly when a user with insufficient database privileges (GRANT SELECT and GRAN SHOW VIEW) attempted to alter the definition of an existing view. This fix introduces an error message to explain the condition in detail. (Bug #30001906)

  • From code, it was possible to create an instance of SqlDataSource, make a connection to a MySQL server, and then populate an ASP.NET control. However, attempting the same sequence using the Visual Studio Configure Data Source designer produced a object-reference error when the data source was being configured in the designer (and MySQL Connector/NET 6.10.8 was installed) and also at runtime of the web application.

    As part of a related fix, the data source now populates ASP.NET controls from custom queries as expected at runtime. Likewise, the designer now permits configuration when the 6.10.8 version of MySQL Connector/NET is installed with one caution. When using the Specify columns from a table or view option, the Configure Data Source designer generates the query using bracket characters ( [] ) as delimiters for identifiers, which produces an invalid MySQL statement. The brackets can be removed manually after the data source is created. Alternatively, the second option in the designer associated with generating queries from the data source, Specify a custom SQL statement or stored procedure, is the preferred option to use. (Bug #28148998, Bug #91136)

  • The TableAdapter Configuration Wizard in Visual Studio configured with a valid MySQL connection produced an error, instead of generating the expected TableAdapter. Now, the error condition is resolved when MySQL Connector/NET 6.10.8 (or higher) or MySQL Connector/NET 8.0.14 (or higher) are available for use by MySQL for Visual Studio. (Bug #27857627, Bug #90390)