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MySQL for Visual Studio Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2  /  Changes in MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.5 (2015-10-29, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.5 (2015-10-29, General Availability)

Known limitation:

Item templates do not work correctly with MySQL Server 5.7.x, as it prevents the creation of an Entity Framework model.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Project Templates were replaced with Item Templates.

    The Project Templates option was removed from the plugin toolbar, and from the Project menu, in order to add the Item Templates feature with two options: MySQL MVC Item and MySQL Windows Forms Item, which are available as a context menu for existing projects. They add new windows forms or MVC controllers/views connected to MySQL.

  • Added the Entity Framework option to the MySQL Website Configuration dialog for web projects, so Entity Framework version 5 or 6 can be used with a MySQL database provider. These automatically add the configuration/references needed to the web.config file and the project itself. Also, all available configuration options are now listed in the dialog.

Bugs Fixed

  • The Installer could not uninstall MySQL for Visual Studio if Visual Studio was uninstalled first. (Bug #21953055, Bug #71226)

  • In v1.2.4, the Launch Workbench and Open MySQL Utilities Console toolbar buttons were disabled. (Bug #21495692)

  • The "Templates" could not be uninstalled via Add/Remove Programs. Because Project Templates were replaced by Item Templates, this is no longer a concern. (Bug #21488922, Bug #77802)

  • The dataset designer wizard was not showing the stored procedure parameters when creating a "TableAdapter" using existing stored procedures for the "Select" command. Also, the stored procedure command had an "error" thus causing the dataset to not be created. (Bug #20233133, Bug #74195)